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Budget Allocator Tool

In line with Council’s strategic priority of Responsible Spending, this tool allows residents and businesses to engage with the 2017 Budget. The goals: improving understanding of how tax dollars are spent and demonstrating value for money.

The Budget Allocator Tool is an online engagement tool that let residents choose how to invest their tax dollars and leave comments about their choices. The tool includes major service areas in the tax based operating budget that impact the daily lives of residents and businesses.

For each service area, respondents have the option to “increase spending 5%”, “maintain existing spend”, or “decrease spending 5%.” Each option includes details about the associated service impacts.

Below is an overview of are the results received by 11:59 p.m. (EDT) January 23, 2017.  Results and comments were shared with Council as part of the 2017 Business Plan & Budget deliberations. City Council is scheduled to approve the 2017 Budget at a meeting on February 13th.

Service: Curbside Collection, Waste Disposal & Diversion Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 57 15.70%
Maintain existing spend 219 60.33%
Decrease spending 5% 87 23.97%
Service: Parks & Forestry Operations Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 53 14.52%
Maintain existing spend 205 56.16%
Decrease spending 5% 107 29.32%
Service: Transit Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 77 21.04%
Maintain existing spend 230 62.84%
Decrease spending 5% 59 16.12%
Service: Recreation Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 63 16.98%
Maintain existing spend 206 55.53%
Decrease spending 5% 102 27.49%
Service: Road Operations Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 150 40.21%
Maintain existing spend 191 51.21%
Decrease spending 5% 32 8.58%
Service: Culture Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 75 20.38%
Maintain existing spend 119 32.34%
Decrease spending 5% 174 47.28%
Service: Fire & Emergency Service Responses Percentage
Increase spending 5% 28 7.53%
Maintain existing spend 256 68.82%
Decrease spending 5% 88 23.66%
Comments are available for review in Results: Budget Allocator Tool

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