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Property Standards
for Renters & Tenants

The City has adopted several by-laws to ensure that the maintenance and occupancy of property within the community is maintained to an acceptable standard. Please refer to By-law 2006-262 for regulations. Please refer to the frequently asked questions.

Maintenance Standards

Examples of the maintenance standards include:

  • The maintenance of all plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical, lighting, and all interior & exterior finishes in buildings.
  • The removal of rubbish; litter; debris; dead or decaying trees; wrecked, dismantled, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles; dilapidated buildings.
  • The cutting of tall grass and weeds that exceeds 12” in height.

The Property Standards Officer has the responsibility to administer and enforce property standards by-laws within the City. Property Standards Officers are appointed, by by-law, as both Property Standards Officers and Building Inspectors under the authority of the Building Code Act.

Expectations of Owners and Tenants 

With any of the following regulated matters found under FAQ’s below, the Building Services Department expects:

  • the tenant to co-operate with the owner, landlord and/or property manager (owner) by providing access, in accordance with applicable legislation, to carry out repairs at reasonable times, and
  • the owner/tenant to carry out and complete remedial work in a timely manner.

We are here to assist both the owner and tenant achieve compliance with municipal by-laws. Any attempts to hinder the owner’s efforts to carry out remedial work are discouraged and may negatively affect the priority of the complaint and/or prompt completion. Likewise, if necessary, non-compliance with a notice or order will result in Building Services exercising the fullest extent of the law.

Complaint Process

In most cases, a written complaint must be received by the Building Services Branch to initiate an investigation. Upon receipt, a Property Standards Officer will investigate. The investigation may include any or all of the following actions:

  • contacting the tenant and/or owner to confirm the complaint is valid or has been resolved,
  • attending the property to conduct an inspection to obtain evidence,
  • issuing verbal or written orders to the contraveners (with applicable service fees),
  • initiate additional legal action where necessary.

All complaints should be directed to the Property Standards Branch. A name and phone number of the complainant and owner are required so an thorough investigation can be conducted. The Property Standards Officer may contact the owner to confirm they are aware of tenant's concerns. Tenant/occupants are expected to provide access to the owner or property manager, subject to reasonable notification in accordance with applicable legislation, so they can carry out the necessary remedial work.

Frequently Asked Questions
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I notice a lot of mould in my rental unit. Is this a violation?
Is my complaint kept confidential?

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