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Access Barrie

Access Barrie combines the strengths of Communications, Marketing and Customer Service to improve customer experiences, enhance communications and expand community engagement.

The New Customer Service Plan

The City is committed to customer service excellence and we know that our customers’ expectations are changing. No longer are in person or on the phone the only options. Increasingly there is a desire to have mobile and online solutions. What remains the same is that residents and businesses expect access to consistent, reliable, efficient and effective information on their own terms.

That’s why we developed a new (September 2014) Customer Service Plan that will take our customer service practices to the next level and focus on delivering services from the customers’ perspective. By studying best practices, leveraging technology and maximizing existing resources, we'll adopt an innovative approach to customer service that can adapt to the changing needs and expectations of our community.

To build a customer-focused organization responsive to the community where all staff understand and embrace their fundamental role as one of serving the Community.

We will ensure that staff has the skills, tools and information required to provide accurate and excellent customer service.


We will treat all customers with dignity, fairness and professionalism using an efficient, consistent and effective approach


We will respond to customer needs in a coordinated and prompt fashion.


We will provide services in a manner that is easy to use and meets our customers' needs.


We will use customer feedback to measure and improve work processes and implement innovative ideas to respond to changing customer expectations.


We will…

  • Enhance customer service access options
  • Create a customer centred culture that responds to the needs of our customers
  • Update and enhance Corporate Customer Service Guidelines
  • Provide easily retrievable information for staff when responding to customers
  • Provide technology solutions to monitor, track and analyze customer interactions and measure satisfaction levels
Major Initiatives
  • Creating a Call Centre with ONE number that customers can call to access most City services
  • Enhancing and the number of online services so customers will have access to more self-serve options through the website, mobile applications and social media;
  • Providing a “one stop experience” through the creation of a Customer Contact Centre, where most general City of Barrie services already offered at City Hall would be available by visiting ONE counter location.
  • Providing enhanced City of Barrie services at local Community Centres such as paying bills, applying for basic permits etc.
The Customer Service Plan will be implemented in phases over the next five years (2014–2019).

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