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The Department of Culture is responsible for stewarding the City’s investment in the Cultural Sector. It adds to the vibrancy of our community through the various initiatives: development of the arts and culture/creative sector; infrastructure management; presentation and production; and marketing.

Department of Culture (DOC) Initiatives

Development of the Arts and Culture / Creative Sector
The DOC supports the region’s artists in a number of ways including: providing financial support to arts organizations through a granting program; offering training and educational opportunities to individual artists and not-for-profit arts organizations; by measurement, data collection and analysis of arts and culture activity; and advocating for artists, organizations and creative sector participants.

Infrastructure Management
By managing the Georgian Theatre (600+ seats) and the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts (200+ seats) and continually seeking opportunities for new infrastructure growth to support the artistic community, the DOC leverages arts infrastructure to create opportunities for quality citizen engagement and to serve the City’s greater interest in attracting talent and businesses.

Presentation and Production
The DOC produces and presents programming to meet the needs of the local residents and to attract tourists and potential new residents, further cementing the role that the culture sector plays as an economic driver for the City of Barrie. Our productions and presentations include the award-winning Winterfest, the Downtown Countdown, Rhythmfest, Choralfest, Celebrate Barrie, Culture Days, the Street Performers Program that encourages local artists to enhance the public’s experience in the city centre, and the many theatre shows presented by Theatres@Barrie.

The DOC endeavours to market widely, the rich cultural and creative experiences that are available in Barrie. In doing this, the department will positively affect Barrie’s brand and help to create a perception of Barrie as a destination for cultural and other attractions, as the epicenter of quality living, and as a great place to live, work and play in perfect balance.

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