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Adopt a Class

The Adopt-a-Class program brings our community’s artists together with students and teachers in local school classrooms, for a meaningful relationship from which both students and artists benefit.

By adopting a class, artists are able to share their own experiences and the joy of their chosen arts discipline, contribute to building a knowledgeable and committed audience for their art form, and inspire the artists-to-be in the Barrie community. Students and teachers gain unique insight into the careers of artists and learn about various arts disciplines and the arts in the Barrie community, have opportunities for hands-on experiences led by knowledgeable artists, and use these experiences as a springboard for further study and higher learning.  

A Call Out to Artists

Contribute to the artistic development of Barrie students! The City's Culture Department seeks local artists to volunteer for the Adopt-A-Class program. Artists in any discipline can adopt a local class and share the joys, challenges, skills and unique experiences involved in being an artist.

Guiding Principles for the Adopt-a-Class Program

The Adopt-A-Class program is fostered by a partnership between the Simcoe County District School Board, the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board and the City of Barrie's Department of Culture. Adopt-A-Class is a volunteer program and artists will not be compensated for their time; however, each artist will receive an honorarium of $100.00 to defray personal costs. Off-site activities may be offered following artist consultation with teachers and principals.

Requirements for Artists

For this program to be effective it is anticipated that a minimum commitment of 10 hours is required. Each artist must provide a criminal records check and a vulnerable sector screening prior to the commencement of the program. 

Role of the School Board Arts & Culture Consultant

In collaboration with the City of Barrie, Department of Culture, a School Board Arts and Culture Consultant will facilitate the coordination of the program and provide an orientation session for artists, principals and teachers. The School Board Consultant will also assist with communication to parents of selected classes. The Arts Consultant will identify the grade relevant curriculum expectations for artists throughout the program.

Role of the City of Barrie, Department of Culture

The Department of Culture for The City of Barrie will organize and conduct the search for interested artists in the community, and make recommendations and provide an orientation session in collaboration with the School Board Arts and Culture Consultant. The Department of Culture will also provide support to the School Board Arts and Culture Consultant and participating artists throughout the program. The Department will also participate in a review at the end of the school year and make recommendations for program enhancements.

Role of the School Principal

In collaboration with the Arts and Culture Consultant, the principal will attend an introductory meeting with the artist and a Department of Culture representative to discuss the program. Principal approval is necessary prior to the program beginning. The principal will facilitate the organization of the process within the school and ensure the proper documentation is in place. (For example a satisfactory criminal records check must be provided before commencement of the program.)

Role of the School Teacher

The teacher will communicate regularly with the artist to ensure that appropriate program materials are available in meeting the learning needs of the students. It is expected that all communication between the artist and the class will be conducted through the teacher.

Role of the Artist

The role of the artist is to provide learning opportunities for students by providing insights into the practical career of an artist. Through a combination of class visits, field trips and workshops, the artist will provide students with the opportunity to learn from the artist’s experience and skills. Artists will assist students in developing a sense of community and culture through teamwork by engaging students in art projects. Artist goals will include having students:

  • understand the artist’s chosen discipline,
  • participate in opportunities through hands-on-experiences,
  • produce their own artistic expressions and receive timely descriptive feedback,
  • experience the artists’ vision in their work,
  • understand the preparation and commitment needed to achieve the skills and outcomes necessary to excel in the artist’s chosen arts discipline and
  • have fun.

Role of the Parents & Community

Throughout the program, parents will be invited to discuss the Adopt-A-Class program with their children and communicate ongoing feedback to the Arts and Culture Consultant. Parents will be provided with the bios, websites and other pertinent information related to the artists.

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