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Zoning By-Law

A Zoning By-law is a regulatory document that implements the policy direction outlined in the Official Plan. The Comprehensive Zoning By-law (2009-141) was approved by City Council in August 2009.

Using a series of land use zones and corresponding text, a Zoning By-law spells out how land and buildings may be used, where buildings and other structures may be located, and what constraints may be applicable to the development of a particular property (i.e. parking requirements, lot coverage, density, etc.). The Planning Services department:

  • confirms compliance for all permit applications, business licensing, two-unit house registrations and site plan applications.
  • provides zoning information as requested for property transactions, development applications and general enquiries.
  • responds to complaints and enforces compliance as necessary.

Re-zoning of land and/or significant site specific changes to land uses or zone regulations require a Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA), and possibly an Official Plan Amendment (see Development Services).

Zoning By-law 2009-141 Contents

Zoning By-law 2009-141

Appendix "A"    Conservation Authority Regulated Areas

Appendix "B"    Railway Lines

Appendix C Urban Growth Centre

Zoning By-law 2009-141 Map- North End

Zoning By-law 2009-141 Map-South.pdf

Housekeeping Amendments to the Zoning By-law

The General Committee of the Council of the Corporation of the City of Barrie held a public meeting on Thursday, September 19th, 2013, to review an application for municipally initiated housekeeping amendments to the Zoning By-Law 2009-141.

The proposed amendments address minor inconsistencies and anomalies that have come to light since the passage of Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2009-141 approved August 10th, 2009. The proposed amendments include both text and mapping changes to the By-law.

The proposed amendments to the text of the By-law relate primarily to points of clarification or interpretation, and include a new definition, amended standards to address deficiencies, omissions, conflicts or inconsistencies that have come to light through day to day usage of the by-law since it was approved in August of 2009.

The proposed amendments to the Map Schedule result from a variety of causes including road re-alignments, property line adjustments, land assembly severances and mapping errors.

Following the Public Meeting on September 19, 2013, staff reviewed the comments received and prepared Staff Report PLN025-13 to General Services Committee on October 28, 2013. Subsequently Council directed that the Housekeeping Zoning By-law be prepared for passing.

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