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Financial Incentives Program

Through the CIP's, the City has developed a financial incentives program to stimulate and encourage development and redevelopment in the three key areas of the City. Loan and grant packages are available for commercial and residential projects that increase the functionality of existing building, promote the development of vacant and underutilized sites, and improve or restore exterior building facades and signage.

Progress Reports

Downtown and Allandale CIP Progess Report 2009

Financial Incentive Progress Report 2010

Financial Incentive Progess Report 2011

Financial Incentive Progress_Report Jan_2012 

Financial Incentive Progress Report 2013

Downtown Barrie: The Next Wave

The 'Next Wave' Community Improvement Plan presents an exceptional opportunity for the City to realize its strong, healthy, vibrant core.  Focused on the historic downtown, encompassing the Dunlop Street and Bradford Street corridors, the Plan encourages the revitalization of existing heritage buildings, as well as the development of uses that promote linkages to the waterfront and add diversity to the defined Community Improvement Area.

Financial Incentive Package:

  • Tax Increment Grant Program
  • Application Fees, Permit Fees, and Special Fees Grant for Program
  • Adaptive Re-use and Upgrade to the Building Code Program
  • Facade and Signage Loan Program

Downtown Next Wave  

Application Form- Downtown CIP

Allandale Centre Community Improvement Plan

The Allandale community can be considered a gateway to the older parts of the City of Barrie.  Allandale Centre is generally focused around the intersection of Bradford Street, Tiffin Street and Essa Road.  The Plan identifies the challenges imposed by the convergence of the road network at this location, and is intended to promote a variety of compatible neighbourhood development in addition to utilizing the distinctive characteristics of this area, including the historic Allandale Rail Station and the accessibility of Kempenfelt Bay.

Financial Incentive Package:

  • Tax Increment Based Grant
  • Cash-in-lieu of Parkland Dedication Grant
  • Facade Improvement Loan
  • Renovation Loan

Allandale Centre Community Improvement Plan

Application Form- Allandale CIP

Georgian College Neighbourhood Strategy

The Georgian College Neighbourhood includes all of the Georgian Drive and Grove Street East Planning Areas and portions of the Alliance, Wellington, and Little Lake Planning Areas.  The boundary of the Neighbourhood is generally defined by a reasonable walking distance to the College.

This strategy has been implemented to highlight the importance of Georgian College to the City of Barrie, and demonstrates this unique opportunity to encourage safe and accessible student oriented housing while promoting increased density in the northeast end of the City.

Financial Incentive Package:

  • Tax Increment Based Grant
  • Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland Dedication Grant
  • Renovation Loan

Georgian College Neighbourhood Strategy (May 2007)

Application Form- Georgian CIP