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Intensification & Intensification Urban Design Guidelines, & Mixed Use Intensification Zones.

The City's Planning Department prepared the Intensification Study (April 2009), recommending areas targeted for intensification throughout the City along with policies to encourage density and mixed use development. The Intensification Area Urban Design Guidelines were commissioned to direct the type of development envisioned for the intensification areas, consisting of a pedestrian friendly mid-rise built-form capable of supporting medium and high densities and featuring a mix of uses. In 2014, Planning Services commenced work on the implementation of new mixed use zoning standards for the intensification areas.

Mixed Use Intensification Zones (2014)

In late 2013, Council received a Staff Report recommending that a public meeting be scheduled to consider new zones targeted for the Intensification Areas.  This Staff Report reviews the policy basis and rationale for the development of these new zones, describes draft development standards, and outlines a process for the public consultation and final implementation of the new zones.

The creation of new zones for the intensification areas will facilitate the development of medium and high density uses and will contribute towards achieving the growth targets as required by the Province through the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The zones will permit a variety of residential and commercial land uses, allowing residents a mix of living, working, shopping, and leisure opportunities within their neighbourhoods.  The built-form will be designed to create a pedestrian oriented realm that is not dominated by the automobile, featuring setbacks and building envelopes that are characteristic of urban environments. 

Intensification Area Urban Design Guidelines (2013)

An Intensification Area Urban Design Study established a series of guidelines that help direct new development within the intensification areas (as identified within the Intensification Study and the Official Plan). These guidelines are complementary to the existing City Urban Design Guidelines, and provide a set of principles and implementation framework that will:

  • assist new development to respectfully link to the existing fabric
  • create an attractive and safe pedestrian realm
  • support transportation of all types
  • result in a thoughtful and attractive design

This initiative is in line with the Province’s and City’s long-term vision for high quality, sustainable growth.

There were several workshops held relating to the development of the Intensification Area Urban Design Guidelines. A draft of the Guidelines has been prepared which was received by City Council in 2013.

Links to the Workshop Summaries, Draft Intensification Urban Design Guidelines 2012 and Memorandum to Development Services Committee dated June 11, 2013 can be found in the Downloads section on the right.

Intensification Study (2009)

In 2009, the City of Barrie Intensification Study was completed by Planning Services and adopted by Council.  The Study designates nodes and corridors throughout the City that have been identified for their capacity to achieve higher densities.  The study was presented to and approved by Council, and implemented in the policies of the Official Plan (June 2009), establishing four (4) principle areas where intensification is encouraged, including:

  • The Urban Growth Centre (UGC) comprised of downtown  Barrie and Allandale Centre;
  • Primary and Secondary  Corridors  consisting of arterial roads such as Bayfield Street, Dunlop Street, Essa Road, Duckworth Street and Yonge Street;
  • Primary and Secondary Nodes at significant intersections along the Primary and Secondary Corridors;
  • The Major Transit Station at the South Barrie GO Station near Yonge Street and Mapleview Drive East


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