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CO Awareness Week

In 2014, the Province declared the first week in November as the Official Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

Establishing an annual awareness week was part of Bill 77 passed in 2014, which made CO alarms mandatory in all Ontario homes.  Working with partners to increase fire and carbon monoxide safety is part of the government's plan to keep Ontario families safe.

This public education campaign, Beat the Silent Killer, is led by fire services across the province. BFES hosts events to spread the message and raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the importance of installing detectors in residential dwellings.

Quick Facts

  • Over 50 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning in Canada, including 11 on average in Ontario.
  • The Ontario Building Code requires the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in homes and other residential buildings built after 2001.

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