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Drains & Sewers

Blocked and/or Damaged

If the covers to manholes or catchbasins have been moved or are broken, it can cause serious damage to vehicles on the road. Sometimes they pop off when heavy rainfall is received during a very short period of time.

If you have water coming back up your drains (i.e. floor drain in your basement), you may have a blocked drain. Our crews can determine whether the blockage is in the main or in the homeowners sewer lateral. If the blockage is in the main that runs down the middle of the street, the City is responsible for clearing it. 

The homeowner is responsible for the sewer line (lateral) from the house to the main so even if the blockage appears to be under City property it is still the responsibility of the homeowner. We can clear it for the homeowner but we charge for that service. The rates are as follows:

  • Minimum 1 Hour Call Out $230.00/hour
  • Any calls after 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and all day Saturday are (minimum 2hr call out) $670.00
  • Any calls on Sunday or statutory holidays are charged at (minimum 2hr call out) $880.00

To help minimize the chances of a blocked lateral, check out the City of Barrie's brochure on Grease Management for your Home,

You also have the option of calling a private plumbing contractor to perform this service as well for their associated charges.

It is City policy when responding to calls regarding blocked sewers to check the main whether the caller thinks the blockage is their responsibility or not.  If the main is blocked it could affect more than one property. Once it has been verified that the blockage is not in the main the homeowner can decide whether they want us to clear it or not. The homeowner may call a plumber to perform the work as well.


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