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Why does flooding occur?

Flooding can occur if the sewer connection to a building becomes blocked by:

  • tree roots
  • grease
  • objects
  • other debris

Occasionally, sewer mains can also become blocked from debris or tree roots.

Flooding can also occur during spring and summer storms and also when catchbasins or culverts are blocked.  Catchbasins are the grates that are located along side the road.

How do I prevent flooding from occurring?

Here are some basic preventative measures:

  • do not put grease or objects (such as diapers, wipes, paper towels, rags, dental floss) down your toilet or drains.
  • consider installing a sump pump if required.  Sump pumps are installed in the basement of homes to collect water from the foundation of the house and pump it out onto the lawn to prevent basement flooding.
  • keep catchbasins clear of leaves and debris. In the fall, sweep up leaves for bagging or composting to prevent excess debris from entering the sewer system.
  • consider having your plumbing cleared of any debris, roots, etc.

What should I do if flooding occurs in my home?

If you have a back-up of water and/or sewage in your basement, please:

  • Check the toilets and sinks and clear any blockages.
  • It that doesn’t solve the problem, please call us at (705) 739 - 4255 and select the Roads Option #1.
  • Avoid using your plumbing until the problem has resolved to minimize any damage.
  • Make notes of everything that happens (i.e. where and when the water came in, anything you did to help alleviate the flooding). This will help our staff or your plumber determine the cause of the flooding.

It is important that any obstructions that can contribute to flooding be reported to the City of Barrie as soon as possible.

Creeks And Watercourses

During Spring weather conditions and heavy rainfall events, water levels in local creeks and watercourses can rise and be dangerous.

Please contact the City of Barrie if you notice any:

  • obstructions in creeks or watercourses
  • flooded ditches
  • blocked culverts
  • flooded roadways

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