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Specialized Transit 
formally known as BACTS

Specialized Transit is a bus transportation service operating to assist persons with mobility difficulties. The service provides transportation from one accessible door to another and is available on a temporary, seasonal or permanent basis, depending on the registered user’s eligibility.

Specialized Transit enables you to stay active in your community! Registered clients may use it for appointments, school, shopping, visiting family and friends, social outings, anywhere you need to go within the City limits. Specialized Transit is available weekdays from 7:30am–11pm; Saturdays from 9am–11pm; and Sundays from 9am–6pm. Service is not currently available on some statutory holidays.

Barrie Transit Conventional service is pleased to provide accessible low-floor buses on all routes. Low-floor buses have no stairs so boarding is easy, plus a ramp(deployed upon request) and space for two wheelchairs. 

Who is Eligible for Specialized Transit?

Accessible transit services are intended for people who, due to functional mobility problems, are physically unable to walk a distance of 175 metres (approx. 600 feet). Persons with mental health issues and/or cognitive disabilities may be eligible if they have a physical disability that prevents them from boarding a public transit vehicle. Elderly and/or blind persons are not automatically eligible for Specialized Transit service; only persons physically unable to board public transit vehicles are eligible.

Approved clients must reside within the city of Barrie. Specialized Transit will provide service to any person visiting Barrie who is a registrant of another accessible system. 

How do I Apply for Specialized Transit?

Download the Application Form. After completing all 4 pages return it to the below address, fax it to 705-730-0377, or email it to Be sure to include the portion that requires a health professional’s signature. The application will be reviewed within 14 calendar days of receipt and notification of eligibility will be sent out through mail.

Access Barrie, Transit Branch
City Of Barrie,70 Collier Street, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 400, Barrie, ON, L4M 4T5

How to use Specialized Transit

Fare Structure:

Specialized Transit offers the same fare structure as Conventional Transit Services. For detailed information on our rates,  please visit our Fares page.

Making a Trip Booking, a Trip Confirmation or a Trip Cancellation:

Specialized Transit is a shared ride system and you can expect to be on our vehicles up to 60 minutes before you arrive to your destination. Please book accordingly.

Specialized Transit operates with a 30-minute scheduling window, that is from 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time to 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up timeFor example, if you have a booked trip for a 10am pickup, the Specialized Transit operator will be scheduled to arrive between 9:45am and 10:15am.

Specialized Transit vehicles will endeavour to arrive as close to the scheduled pick up time as possible. Customers need to be ready to ride 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the service. Although Specialized Transit Vehicle Operators will make every effort to arrive early, they again, may arrive up to 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up time.

Upon arrival of the vehicle, the Specialized Transit Operator will wait five minutes at your pick up location before continuing on route. A "No Show" charge will apply (see below).

To Book a Trip:

Please call the Office at 705-792-5033, press #1,  or the Self Serve Line at 705-737-6949 up to one week in advance and be ready to provide the following information:

  1. Date you need transportation
  2. Your Client Identification Number and Name
  3. Time of your pickup
  4. Address of pickup and accessible entrance
  5. Address of destination and accessible entrance
  6. Is anyone accompanying you?
  7. Whether you will be using a wheelchair or other mobility device
  8. Pickup time for your return trip

We will do our best to accommodate same day service and immediate request service, however we cannot guarantee space or availability of service. If a trip is not available, you may ask to be put on a Standby List. A transit representative will call  one business day before your requested trip, between 12pm and 3pm, if your trip can been accommodated. If we cannot reach you directly, no message will be left on an answering service and the trip will be cancelled. 

To Confirm or Cancel a trip:

You are encouraged to confirm your trip by calling the Self Serve Line (705-737-6949) available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wish to cancel your ride please call as soon as possible. If you must cancel a same-day or weekend trip outside  office hours, you must call the Cancellation line, 705-792-5033. Same day cancellations up to 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time will be subject to a $3.00 "No Show" charge payable the next time Specialized Transit is used. A ride card or monthly pass cannot be used to pay the fine. Please refer to our "No Show" policy below.

Subscription Service

Passengers who wish to use the service at the same time and location more than twice weekly on a regular basis (for work, education and/or appointments) can book their trips in advance through a subscription service. Transportation can be provided only if resources are available for the time requested. 

Once your subscription service is set up, you must use the specific bookings at least 75% of the time; otherwise your booking may be suspended or cancelled. All subscription bookings are currently automatically cancelled on statutory holidays. Please note that if you cancel a regular morning pickup, your afternoon ride is assumed to be cancelled as well, unless otherwise notified.


If a companion, escort or friend will be accompanying you, tell the dispatcher when you make your trip reservation as you must reserve them a seat as well. Remember, they must pay a fare when traveling with you.  If you are using a Monthly Pass, the pass is only valid your you, your companion, escort or friend must use their own


An Attendant is a care provider required to accompany and provide special assistance for the applicant while using Specialized Transit. Customers who cannot be left unattended on the vehicle or at any drop-off location must be accompanied by an Attendant. The Attendant is not required to pay as they ensure the safety and well-being of the client. There is no need to fill out a separate Attendant card application form for Specialized Transit.


Our vehicles are able to accommodate wheelchairs that are no larger than 42 inches (106 cm) in length and 30 inches (76 cm) in width. Our vehicles will not be able to accommodate anything larger. Furthermore, our wheelchair lift can only accommodate a maximum of 660 lbs. (273 kg) at a time, therefore, the combined weight of the passenger and wheelchair must not exceed 660 lbs (273 kg). It is important to ensure that your wheelchair is in good repair (i.e. air in tires, brakes). If your wheelchair is deemed unsafe your trip may be refused. When boarding and alighting, passengers using power wheelchairs must position their wheelchairs on the lift with largest wheels toward the bus.

The "No Show" Policy

The "No Show" policy applies to passengers who fail to appear at the pick-location within 5 minutes of the arrival of the vehicle. It is important for clients to know that they will then be considered a "NO Show". Clients who cancel within 30 minutes of their scheduled pick- up time will also be considered a "No Show". A $3.00 "No Show" charge is payable the next time Specialized Transit is used. A ride card or monthly pass cannot be used to pay the fine. When a "No Show occurs, Specialized Transit will automatically cancel the remainder of trips for that day unless we hear from you. You will then be responsible for alternative transportation or if we can accommodate,  there may be a lengthy delay. 

A maximum of three “No Shows” in one calendar month will result in a letter sent to the passenger as a reminder to call and cancel their trip and to pay any outstanding no show fares. A second letter will be sent after the fourth “No Show” within the same calendar month, which may result in a five-day suspension of service.

Passenger Responsibilities

Be ready at the nearest accessible door 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. Notify the booking agent and the City of Barrie of any change in address, phone number or status. Be specific with pick-up and drop-off locations, (i.e. front door, rear door). Parcels should be kept to a maximum of 2 per person.  If you require an Attendant, it must be provided by you. Specialized Transit will provide service only if the Attendant is present. Passengers who use a scooter must transfer to a seat on the bus. 

A passenger riding any Barrie Transit Specialized vehicle may not be allowed on a vehicle if his or her body odour or physical hygiene will disturb the reasonable comfort or public health of other passengers or Transit Staff. Odours may include but are not limited to scents related to unlaundered clothing, lack of bathing, uncontrolled bowels, animal related odours, and excessive perfumes. A passenger will be given notice and an opportunity to correct the odour or hygiene problem prior to suspension resulting in discontinued riding privileges for certain set periods of time. Passengers with mobility devices must maintain such devices in a state of cleanliness. Failure to comply may result in written notice and temporary suspension of service. No show fee may apply.

Operator Responsibilities

Providing it is safe to do so, Operators will escort you to and from the bus by taking you to the closest accessible door. Operators will secure all belts. Operators are not required to go up or down stairs, or to carry your parcels and personal effects. Operators are not required to wait more than five minutes past your scheduled pick-up time. Operators do not ring buzzers/doorbells or search for passengers. Operators do not report to specific stations at personal care homes or other medical locations to locate a passenger.

Lost and Found

All articles found on our buses are processed and will then be taken to the Lost and Found at the Barrie Transit Terminal, 24 Maple Avenue. Processing can take 1-2 business days, therefore we suggest you contact  705-739-4209 or first before visiting the Terminal. Hours of operation are M-F 5am-11pm, Sat 5:30am-11pm and Sunday 6am-10pm. Note: due to limited storage space, lost and found items are only held for 30 days.

Customer Tips

  1. Please be ready at the door 15 minutes before our scheduled pick-up time.
  2. You may use the service for any trip purpose and remember to book early.
  3. If you must cancel, do so as early as possible to allow others to use the time.
  4. An attendant is necessary if you require more than door to door service.
  5. If you are more than five minutes late, the bus will proceed to the next scheduled ride and the “No Show Policy” will take effect.
  6. Expect to share your ride with others and could be on the bus for up to an hour.
  7. Inform medical professionals that you are using the service, so that they may assist by keeping you on time. If possible, please call to cancel or reschedule if your appointment is running late to avoid a “No Show”.
  8. Please be considerate of the operator. He or she has many people to assist and a schedule to maintain.
  9. Occasionally, demand may exceed capacity, so we may not be able to accommodate you every time you request a ride. We’ll do the very best we can, but please do your part too. If our reservation lines are busy, please call again in a few minutes.
  10. Please have a clear accessible path to your door (even in the winter months). Inaccessible paths may result in a refusal of trip.
  11. Please have your pass or fare ready for the operator.
  12. Ensure you keep all personal and health information up to date, including your phone number and address.

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