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Transit Notices

Huronia Road Closure - Route 11 Detour

From September 19th to September 30th, 2016. Huronia Road will be closed between Saunders Road and Mapleview Drive.The following Bus Stops will be out of service:

  • Bus Stop # 512 ( Mapleview at Huronia )
  • Bus Stop # 513 ( Mapleview at  Huronia )
  • Bus Stop # 520 ( Welham Road )

Quest For Zest - October 1st 2016

Barrie Transit will be offering free transit to participants going to and from the Quest for Zest event held at the Allandale Recreation Centre. Please visit Quest for Zest website or contact for more information.

Thanksgiving Day Service Notice

October 10th, 2016 there will be NO Barrie Transit Service available.

Route 1B, 3B, 90A & 90B Platform Changes

Effective September 25th Barrie Transit will be making Platform Changes at Allandale Waterfront GO Station and Park Place Hubs. Routes 1B, 3B, 90A & 90B will be affected. Please see the notices below for more information on the change. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Customer Service at or 705-739-4209.

Allandale Waterfront GO Platform Change Notice

Park Place Platform Change Notice 

Live Bus Stop Arrival Call/Text System

*Please note the Live Bus Stop Arrival Call/Text(SMS) system and the Live Bus Map are presently only able to provide scheduled bus arrival information. Due to unforeseen technical issues the Live Bus Stop Arrival Call/Text and Live Bus Map are presently not able to provide live information. We are currently working to upgrade the system, and be able to provide live information as soon as possible. Until then we encourage users to utilize Google Maps trip planning or call 705-739-4209 for more accurate live bus information.

Detour Service Notice for Routes 2A/B

Effective May 24 to December 1 Ferndale Drive North between Dunlop Street West and Tiffin Street will be closed due to construction, which renders the following bus stops out of service (notices are posted at all affected stops):
• bus stops 883 & 271 on Route 2A
• bus stops 893 & 892 on Route 2B 

Route 2A temporary bus stops:
•  north side of Tiffin St, 50m west of Ferndale Dr
•  south side of Dunlop Street W at Ferndale Dri, SW corner

Route B temporary bus stops:
• north side of Dunlop Street West at Ferndale Drive, NE corner
• south side of Tiffin St at Ferndale Dr, SW corner

Route 2A
 turns left onto Tiffin Street, right onto Dunlop Street West and continues on regular route straight on Dunlop Street. Route 2B continues straight along Dunlop Street West, turns left onto Tiffin Street and turns right back on route on Ferndale Drive South. Map: Route 2 Detour

Special Notice for Weekday Early Morning Downtown Terminal Connection:

Barrie Transit is offering a weekday early morning downtown Terminal Connection from the Allandale area.

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