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Property Taxes

The majority of the City's money comes from residential and commercial property taxes. Other sources of revenue include user fees, development charges, grants & subsidies from other levels of government and contributions from reserves.

Notice posted October 12, 2017: The City has received reports from Barrie residents who've received calls that their tax payment is overdue and to hit a number to make payment. Please note that these calls are not coming from the City of Barrie, nor does the City of Barrie accept credit card payments for property taxes.

Of Barrie's 2017 residential property tax bill, 55% funds City services, 14% funds education, as mandated by the Province, and 31% funds the City’s service partners such as the Barrie PolicePublic Library and services delivered by the County of Simcoe such as Land Ambulance and Social Services. Learn more.

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