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Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

A pool or spa/hot tub capable of holding water with a depth greater than 0.45m (18") is required to be enclosed by a fence or in the case of a spa/hot tub may be protected by a cover to prevent the accidental drowning of small children.

General Requirements for Pools and Spas/Hot Tubs

  • A permit is required prior to installation of any pool or spa/hot tub.
  • The fence surrounding the pool or property is required to be non-climbable and at a minimum 1.2m (4ft.) in height.
  • Above ground pools may be exempt from the fence enclosure requirement if the pool walls are non-climbable, a minimum of 1.2m (4ft.) in height and any access points to the pool are either removed or safely enclosed whenever the pool area is left unattended.
  • Outdoor spas/hot tubs need not be enclosed with a fence provided they have a lockable cover.
  • Pools and spas/hot tubs cannot be constructed on easements. However, you may be able to have the easement released. Contact the Legal and Real Estate Services Branch.

Zoning Standards for Pools and Spas

Location Minimum Distance From Lot Line*
Front Yard (Inground Pools Only) 7m (22.96ft.)
Interior Side Yards 0.60m (2ft.)
Exterior Side Yards (Corner Lots) 3m (9.8ft.)
Rear Yard 0.60m (2ft.)
Rear Yard (Corner Lots) 1m (3.2ft.)

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