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Living in Barrie is a walk in the park! Pack a picnic, grab a Frisbee or enjoy leisurely walks through 300 hectares of scenic park space.

The Parks & Recreation Strategic Master Plan (June 2010) established a strategic framework for recreation and parks’ services, programs and facilities that will guide future decision making with regard to policy, operations, maintenance, and capital improvements to the year 2019.

The Official Map of Barrie details the location of school, parks, trails and includes an enlargement of Barrie’s waterfront.  The map is also available at City Hall, Barrie Public Library, and Tourism Barrie.

Park Regulations

Please help maintain the beauty and safety of our parks by following these regulations. For more detail, please refer to the Parks Use By-law.

Parks Maintenance

Parks Operations is responsible for the maintenance of Barrie's parkland, natural open space areas and trails:


Parks Operations' Forestry Section maintains an inventory of 32,327 boulevard street trees, parks trees in 117 parks totaling 625 acres and trees in 36 open space locations totaling 2,190 acres. This Section responds to approximately 1,200 work orders for tree issues per year and removes on average 200 trees. The preventative maintenance programs consist of street tree pruning, tree inspections, tree preservation, integrated pest management and tree fertilization to ensure that the City of Barrie’s trees are safe and healthy. Forestry staff responds to after hour emergencies to remove trees or branches that have been knocked down during wind storms throughout the year.


Parks Operations' Horticulture Section maintains 308 hanging baskets and 209 flower barrels in the downtown areas along with the 39 planter locations and 50 park flower beds. All of the plant material—totaling 270,000 annuals for these displays—are grown by staff in the five City Greenhouses and planted out in early June. The maintenance of the waterfront parks and washroom facilities, beach and shoreline restoration and boulevard shrub beds are all part of this sections responsibilities. The greenhouses are also used to grow the poinsettias, forced bulbs, begonias, and the foliage plants that decorate City Hall and other City facilities.

The annual Communities in Bloom competition that the City of Barrie enters into each year is co-ordinated through the Horticulture Section. The Parks Section has been successful in maintaining a 5-Bloom rating for many years.

Turf Maintenance

Parks Operations' Turf Maintenance Section maintains the turf in the 117 parks totaling 625 acres, 40 gore locations, 24 boulevard locations totaling 36 kms, and 20 municipal facilities. With the restrictions on pesticide use on municipal property the use of many cultural practices including aeration, over seeding, topdressing and fertilization are used to keep the turf in the parks healthy.

This Section maintains the many trails through the parks including the waterfront trail, the North Shore trail, the Trans Canada trail and the Nine Mile Portage trail. The 2190 acres of open space in the City have many minor trails along with the 2 Off-Leash Dog Parks that are located adjacent to Sunnidale Park and the Barrie Molson Centre Valleyland. Debris pickup and collection is a continual task especially during the summer season when the parks are used from dawn to dusk.

Sports Fields & Playgrounds

Parks Operations Sports Field and Playground Section maintains 49 soccer fields and 40 baseball diamonds that are in the parks and at the Barrie Community Sports Park. This Section maintains 131 playground units, tennis courts and the beach grooming. The inspection and maintenance of the playground units is completed on a continual basis throughout the year to ensure the safety of the public. The structures are checked for compliance to CSA playground standards, deficiencies due to wear and tear and vandalism, and the surfaces are loosened to prevent injuries due to falls.

The sports fields receive an extensive Plant Health Care Program to ensure that they are in top shape and are able to withstand all of the use from the sports and school groups. Staff continues to implement a wet field policy during periods of inclement weather to prevent field damage and to protect the players from injuries.

Please Don't Feed the Birds!

The City discourages people from feeding any type of wildlife, including birds/ducks.

  • Feeding can attract many birds, resulting in large amounts of bird poop in the grass, sand and water.
  • Birds that are fed food scraps lose their fear of humans and become aggressive.
  • Birds that eat food scraps do not get all the nutrients found in their natural diet. As a result, they may be less healthy and become dependent on people.
  • Most birds fly south in the winter to find other sources of food. Feeding birds may encourage them to stay here longer and rely on human food to survive.

Parks Listing

Below is an alphabetical listing of Barrie's Parks. To learn more about the location, size and amenities of each park, click on the park name or arrow to expand each section. To view a park in our online mapping portal click on the address links.

Parks with Active Recreation

Park Name Address Size
Allandale Heights Park 120 Bayview Drive 3 acres


Archie Goodall Park 215 Wellington Street East 1.5 acres


Assikinack Park 236 Little Avenue 5.3 acres


Barwick Park 49 Barwick Drive 3.9 acres


Batteaux Park 443 Mapleton Avenue 7.5 acres


Bayshore Park 296 Pine Drive 5.1 acres


Bear Creek Park 25 Bear Creek Drive 7.8 acres


Berczy Street Park 144 Berczy Street 2.2 acres


Blair Park 24 Marcus Street .8 acres


Brock Park 66 Innisfil Street 3.9 acres

The basketball court located at Brock Park is a ½ basketball court.

Brown Wood Park 101 Brown Wood Drive 2.4 acres

The basketball court located at Brown Wood Park is a ½ basketball court.

Brunton Park 15 Brunton Crescent 1.2 acres


Carter Park 33 Carter Road 1.2 acres


Cartwright Park 45 Cartwright Drive 3.4 acres


Catherine Park 30 Catherine Drive 2.8 acres


Cedar Grove Park 177 Golden Meadow Road 3.2 acres


Centennial Park North 61, 65, 75, 79 Lakeshore Drive 10.2 acres

Spring/Summer 2017: What's Open & Closed in Centennial Park

Centennial Park South 81, 85, 99 Lakeshore Drive 8.2 acres

Spring/Summer 2017: What's Open & Closed in Centennial Park

Chalmers Park 72 Chalmers Drive 1.9 acres


Cheltenham Park 50 Cheltenham Road 6.6 acres


Cloughley Park 33 Cloughley Drive 4.3 acres


College Heights Park 23 Bernick Drive 3.1 acres


Coronation Park 38 Coronation Parkway 5.2 acres


Cudia Park 247 Dodson Road 1.6 acres


Cumming Park 134 Cumming Drive .6 acres


Cundles West Park 395 Cundles Road West 4.7 acres


D'Ambrosio Park 11 Barre Drive 2.2 acres


D & J Fralick Park Jessica Drive 8.7 acres


Dock Road Park 204 Dock Road 3.3 acres
Donald Street Park 14, 18 Donald Street 1.2 acres


Dunsmore Park 165 Dunsmore Lane 4.9 acres


East Bayfield Park 99 Hanmer Steet East 12.1 acres


Elizabeth Park 60 Elizabeth Street 2.3 acres


Emms Park 123 Emms Drive .4 acres

The playground equipment at Emms Park does not include swings.

Ferndale Park 146 Ferndale Drive South 12.7 acres


Ferris Park 10 Collete Crescent 3.1 acres

The basketball court located at Ferris Park is a ½ basketball court.

The Gables 250 Tollendale Mill Road 35.9 acres


Gibbon Park 25 Gibbon Drive 1.9 acres


Golden Meadow Park 139 Hurst Drive 8.6 acres


Greenfield Park 11 Greenfield Avenue 5.7 acres

The basketball court located at Greenfield Park is a ½ basketball court.

Hanmer Park 54 McDougall Drive 2 acres


Harvie Park 28 Harvie Road 4 acres


Heritage Park 5–9 Lakeshore Drive 7.3 acres

Washroom hours: 7am–11pm daily (including holidays) from May through Thanksgiving weekend only.

H. G. Robertson Park 236 Grove Street East 2.1 acres


Hickling Park 211 Johnson Street 6.2 acres


Highland Park 25, 29 Maclaren Avenue 1.8 acres


Holly Community Park 207 Emms Drive 11.9 acres


Huronia North Park 311 Huronia Road 29.1 acres


Hurst Park 34 Hurst Drive 2.4 acres


Hyde Park 100 The Queensway 11.6 acres

The basketball court located at Hyde Park is a ½ basketball court.

Irwin Park 10 Irwin Drive 2.9 acres


Johnson's Beach Park 2 Johnson Street 1 acre

Washroom hours: 7am–11pm daily (including holidays) from May through Thanksgiving weekend only.

Kearsey Park Sunnidale Road 4.8 acres


Kempenfelt Park 55–115 Kempenfelt Drive 1.6 acres


Kozlov Park 283, 295, & 315 Kozlov Street 4.2 acres


Kuzmich Park 2 Golden Meadow Road .9 acres


Lampman Lane Park 59 Lampman Lane 17.8 acres


Leacock Park 260–280 Leacock Drive 3.2 acres


Lennox Park 319 Big Bay Point Road 19.7 acres

The Lennox Community Park playground re-construction project was completed in June 2017. The new inclusive playground features accessible engineered wood fiber safety surfacing and a new separate swing area. Concrete edging with curb depressions allows for access into the play area at multiple locations. The play equipment exceeds the Canadian Standards Association accessible criteria, including both elevated and ground level play components. If you have any questions about the project, please contact Clare Maher at

Lions Park 86–88 Clapperton Street .6 acres

The basketball court located at Lions Park is a ½ basketball court.

Livingstone Park 130 Livingstone Street West 7.5 acres


Lonsdale Park 5 Lonsdale Place .8 acres


Lougheed Park 90 Lougheed Road 6 acres


Loyalist Park 40 Loyalist Court 4.4 acres

Soccor field and basketball court are scheduled to be added in 2017.

MacMorrison Park 160 Grove Street East 6.5 acres


Madelaine Park 90 Madelaine Drive 6.6 acres


Maitland Park 210 Johnson Street 5.5 acres


Mapleton Park 38 Mapleton Avenue 5 acres


Marina North 25 Simcoe Street 6.3 acres


Marsellus Park 125 Marsellus Drive 6.6 acres


Mayfair Park 57 Mayfair Drive 4.2 acres

The playground equipment at Mayfair Park does not include swings.

McConkey Park 11 McConkey Place 3.1 acres


Minet's Point Park 10 Brennan Avenue 3 acres

Washroom hours: 7am–11pm daily (including holidays) from May through Thanksgiving weekend only.

Montserrand Park Montserrand Street .6 acres


Nelson Square 189 Blake Street 2.1 acres


Oates Park Oates Lane 2.6 acres


Osprey Ridge Park 321 Livingstone Street East 4.2 acres


Painswick Park 231 Ashford Drive 9.7 acres


Patricia Park 21 Patricia Avenue .5 acres


Patterson Place Park 75 Moon Drive 1.1 acres


Pioneer Park 420 Cox Mill Road .1 acres


Pringle Park 29 Pringle Drive 7.1 acres


Queen's Park 55 Ross Street 9.6 acres


Radenhurst Park 39 Radenhurst Drive 3.6 acres


Redfern Park Redfern Avenue 1.9 acres


Redpath Park Redpath Road 1.7 acres


Riverwood Park Kozlov Street 7.4 acres


Robin Court Robin Court .7 acres


Sam Cancilla Park 157 Dunlop Street East 1.1 acres


Sandringham Park 69, 101 Sandringham Drive 22.4 acres


Scott Park 95 Scott Crescent 1.9 acres


Shalom Park Shalom Way 3.1 acres


Shear Park 21–23 Holgate Street 10.5 acres

The basketball court located at Shear Park is a ½ basketball court.

Shear Park's inclusive playground, opened in June 2015, features paved walkway routes from the parking lot to an elevated ramp leading onto the playground, which is surfaced with accessible engineered wood fiber. Concrete edging with curb depressions allows for access into the play area at multiple locations. The play equipment selected exceeds the Canadian Standards Association accessible criteria, including both elevated and ground level play components.

Sheppards Park 366 Tollendale Mill Road 1.2 acres


Shoreview Park Indian Arrow Road 4.4 acres


Snowshoe Park 20 Showshoe Trail 2.2 acres

The basketball court located at Snowshoe Park is a ½ basketball court.

South Shore Park Lakeshore Drive 16.3


Steel Street Park 200 Cook Street 2.4 acres

The basketball court located at Steel Street Park is a ½ basketball court.

Stollar Park 245 Livingstone Street East 3.8 acres


Strabane Park 70 Strabane Avenue 1.9 acres

The basketball court located at Strabane Park is a ½ basketball court.

St. Vincent Park St. Vincent Square 2.2 acres


Summerset Park 119, 159 Summerset Drive 7 acres


Sunnidale Park 227 Sunnidale Road 48.6 acres

The Every Kids a Hero Inclusive Adventure Playground at Sunnidale Park was redeveloped in 2014 in partnership with the Barrie Professional Firefighters Association. The playground allows youngsters with mobility impairments or disabilities, as well individuals with hearing and visual impairments, to have some fun getting fresh air. Features:

  • ramped access to elevated play areas, in addition to the typical wheelchair transfer stations.
  • a variety of inclusive play components that address the needs of a broad cross-section of special needs. These features include the cozy cocoon for children who are autistic and the metal slide for children with cochlear implants.
Surrey Park Broadfoot Road 5.8 acres


Tiffin Launch 105 Lakeshore Drive 3.8 acres


Tollendale Woods Park 40 Royal Oak Drive 1.8 acres


Tyndale Park 45 Tyndale Road 15 acres


Valleyview Park North 81 Crimson Ridge Road .9 acres


Veterans Woods Park 424 Veterans Drive 11.6 acres


Victoria Woods Park 114 Lillian Crescent 7.9 acres


Wessenger Park 39 Wessenger Drive 1.4 acres


Wilkins Beach 121 Crimson Ridge Road 1.9 acres


Willoughby Park 321 Little Avenue 13.1 acres


Community Parks

A Community Park is a large multi-field park which are larger than typical neighbourhood parks.

Park Name Address Size
Allandale Recreation Centre 190 Bayview Drive .7 acres
Barrie Community Sports Complex 2100 Nursery Road, Midhurst 11.2
East Bayfield Recreation Centre 80 Livingstone Street East 1.1 acres
Eastview Community Park 453 Grove St. 1.3 acres
Holly Community Centre Park 171 Mapleton Avenue .7 acres

The playground equipment at Holly Community Centre Park does not include swings.

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