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Billing & Collection Policy

The City of Barrie Billing and Collection Policy is established in By the Water and Wastewater Billing By-law. Highlights:

Water and Wastewater Billing

  1. All properties connected to the drinking water system shall be metered.
  2. Every owner of land connected to the City of Barrie water or wastewater works shall pay water and wastewater charges based on the metered water consumption and fixed charges at the rates specified in the Fees By-law, unless the owner meets the criteria for a Water and Wastewater Billing Exception as defined in this by-law.
  3. All residential water and wastewater bills will be calculated and billed based on bi-monthly meter readings.
  4. All non-residential water and wastewater bills will be calculated and billed based on monthly meter readings.
  5. All water passing through the meter shall be charged for, whether used or wasted.
  6. In the event of a dispute, the reading of the water meter register shall be the sole evidence of the quantity of water supplied to a property owner unless the meter is proved to be defective through a meter test conducted by the City.
  7. In instances where there is a discrepancy between the meter register and the remote reading device, the reading taken from the meter register will be deemed to be correct.
  8. If a property is occupied prior to a meter being installed, the Owner shall be retroactively charged for water and wastewater service at the unmetered rate for water and/or wastewater as specified in the Fees By-law back to the date of occupancy as determined by the Treasurer and the decision of the Treasurer shall be final.
  9. If a billing calculation error is made, the account may be retroactively recalculated for a period not exceeding one year from the date of detection with resulting credits or charges being applied to the account.
  10. If water and wastewater charges are added or require adjustment as a result of the provisions of this by-law not being met, the charges may be readjusted retroactively to the date at which it is determined, in the opinion of the Treasurer, that the provisions were violated and the decision of the Treasurer shall be final.
  11. If water is supplied to only one party in a property, and the owner request that the occupant be billed directly, the City will do so as a convenience to the owner under the following conditions:
    1. The owner assumes full responsibility for all charges applied to the account for the provision of water and wastewater services in the event that the occupant fails to pay
    2. An authorization form be completed and signed by the owner and returned to the City
  12. Upon reasonable notice to the owner, the City may at any time and for any reason, discontinue billing the occupant and bill the owner directly for the water and wastewater charges of the occupant.
  13. If water is supplied to more than one party through a single meter, the account for the water and wastewater supply shall be billed to the owner of the property.       
  14. All fees charged under this by-law are deemed to represent the cost of providing water and wastewater services and therefore are considered a lien on the land.

Water &Wastewater Collections

  1. Payments are due on the date indicated on the water bills and will be at least 35 days following the billing date.
  2. Payments by mail will be processed as of the date the payment is received.
  3. Partial payments received on account that are in arrears, in each instance, shall be applied to penalties and interest first and then water and wastewater charges. 
  4. A service charge shall be applied in accordance with the Fees By-law, if a payment is dishonoured by the bank for any reason.
  5. All unpaid fees and charges will be charged a penalty at a rate of 1.25% as of the payment due date.
  6. All fees and charges relating to the supply of water and wastewater services or for any other expenses, fees or charges provided for in this by-law shall be paid by the owner or occupant of the property.
  7. If the fees and charges are not paid by the owner or occupant for any reason, the City may transfer the unpaid fees and charges to the property tax account in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001.
  8. Prior to transferring unpaid fees and charges to the property tax account the City shall:
    1. Issue a reminder notice at least 14 days following the due date
    2. Issue a final notice at least 14 days from the issuance of the reminder notices. 
    3. If the Property is tenanted, a copy of the Reminder and Final Notice will also be sent to the owner.
  9. The Property Owner can recommend to the City that the water supply be shut off or remain on at the Tenanted premises, as the Property Owner may have additional information that is pertinent to the account.  The City will determine if the water supply will be turned off, and the City will advise the Landlord accordingly.
  10. The City reserves the right to shut off the supply of water to any premise that has unpaid fees and charges.  The City shall restore the supply of water upon payment to the City of such overdue amounts plus any applicable service charges, penalties and interest.

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