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Mapleview Drive East Improvements

This project improves road service along Mapleview Drive East (Huronia Road to Country Lane) for current and anticipated increases in traffic volumes as development continues in the area. The contract has been awarded to Arnott Construction Ltd. with an overall project budget of $13.3M.

Mapleview Drive East is being widened to accommodate current and future traffic capacity. The work is required to include the installation of trunk watermain and trunk sanitary sewer to service abutting properties and meet future demands. It also replaces the ageing and undersized Lover’s Creek Concrete Box Culvert.

Project Updates

May 1, 2017
Road closure (for thru traffic):
Huronia Road from Mapleview Drive East to Saunders Road
Approximately 8 Weeks Starting May 4th

Due to the amount of rain yesterday and the forecasted rain for today, the opening of Mapleview Drive East between Huronia Road and Country Lane has been delayed. Mapleview Drive East is now anticipated to reopen before the end of the day on Thursday, May 4. This will help ensure the road base remains in good condition and the resultant paved roadway is a quality product. As a result, the Huronia Road closure (referenced within the April 28th update) will not start until Monday, May 8.

April 28, 2017

Road closure (for thru traffic):
Huronia Road from Mapleview Drive East to Saunders Road
Approximately 8 Weeks Starting May 3rd

Mapleview Drive East will re-open by the end of day on Tuesday, May 2, weather permitting. The road has been closed for the last 5 weeks for the installation of a deep sanitary sewer. Starting May 3, Huronia Road from Mapleview Drive East to Saunders Road will be closed to thru traffic for approximately 8 weeks. The closure is required to install a sanitary sewer from Mapleview Drive to the existing sanitary pump station just north of Saunders Road.

The detour will be along Saunders Road, Welham Road and Mapleview Drive East. Barrie Transit Route 11 will follow the detour route and as a result will not be able to service the bus stops at Mapleview and Huronia for the duration of the closure. Access to local businesses, including Cedar Links, will be maintained during the closure.

March 16, 2017

Full Road Closure:
Mapleview Drive East, Huronia Road – Country Lane
Up to 5 Weeks Starting March 27th

Mapleview Drive East will be closed from Huronia Road to Country Lane starting Monday, March 27 for up to five (5) weeks. The full closure is required for construction of a deep sanitary sewer through the Mapleview/Huronia intersection. The detour route will be along Yonge Street, Big Bay Point Road and Huronia Road. Modifications to transit service will be in place during the closure, please see Barrie Transit Detour Information. See memo to City Council for more detail on the closure.

The same road closure occurred in December 2016 for this work, but due to the unexpected amount of groundwater, the work was not able to be completed at that time.

The closure is required for installation of the following:

  • Primarily for completion of 13 m deep 1050 mm diameter trunk sanitary sewer through Mapleview/Huronia Intersection
  • Completion of 250 mm diameter sanitary sewer on Huronia Road to tie into part of the future Huronia Road works north of Mapleview Drive
  • Completion of the 750 mm diameter watermain that will be extended to the south on Huronia Road as part of this construction contract

All efforts will be made by the Contractor to complete all the above works during the closure, to avoid future traffic impacts or delays.

The Contractor will be working 12-hour shifts and on weekends from the start of the closure to road opening to minimize the disruption to traffic. The City staff will be in close contact with the contractor regarding progress of work and will communicate the progress on the City website.

During the construction, some short delays while driving through the construction area can be expected (to accommodate maneuvering equipment, trucks dumping materials etc.).

Access to properties with frontage within the closure will be maintained as much as possible. Through traffic will not be permitted.

December 15, 2016

Mapleview Drive between Huronia Road and Country Lane will open on Friday, December 16. A portion of the deep sanitary sewer could not be installed due to the significant amount of groundwater, which impeded excavation. Additional excavating on Mapleview at Huronia will be needed in Spring 2017. City staff and the contractor are investigating alternatives to complete this work.

The work that was completed advanced the project, allowing the contractor to open the road and continue with additional work on Mapleview Drive.

November 30, 2016

Full Closure, Dec. 5–19: Mapleview Drive East, Huronia to Country Lane
Mapleview Drive East will be closed from Huronia Road to Country Lane starting Monday, Dec. 5 for two weeks. The full closure is required for construction of a deep sanitary sewer and watermain. The full closure, as opposed to a lane reduction, allows the City to finish the work quicker and save money. The detour route will be along Yonge Street, Big Bay Point Road and Huronia Road. The contractor will work 24 hours per day until the work is finished. Barrie Transit Detour Information

  • The sanitary sewer main is 80% complete on Mapleview and should be completed within a few weeks, pending no unforeseen delays. The sanitary sewer installation on Huronia Road is scheduled to begin in March 2017.
  • Lovers Creek culvert works on Mapleview Drive East are 50% complete. The north half of the culvert span is completed. The work on the south portion began on Monday, November 28, 2016 and it is anticipated that it would be completed by the end of January.
  • The installation of nine box culverts to the west of the Lovers Creek culvert are 35% completed. The installation of the north half box culverts will continue until mid January. The south half box culvert installation is to continue into January.
  • Watermain installation is 25% completed.
  • Road reconstruction is on-going behind the sanitary sewer and watermain installations on the north side of Mapleview.

Project Schedule

Work commenced August 2016 and is expected to run until December 2017.

Project Features

The project includes the following:

  • Storm sewers
  • Sanitary trunk sewer
  • Watermains
  • Replacement of Lover’s Creek crossing with concrete culverts
  • Realignment of Lover’s Creek
  • Reconstruction and widening of Mapleview Drive East to five lanes including: new road granulars, subdrains, concrete curb and gutter, and hot mix asphalt
  • Concrete sidewalk on the south boulevard
  • Multi-use trail on the north boulevard
  • Streetlights
  • Traffic signals

Affected Services

Your sanitary sewer, hydro, telephone, cable TV, and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Curbside collection will not be affected. On your normal curbside collection day, area residents are asked to place all garbage, organics, recyclables and yard waste materials at the front of the property as usual. The construction contractor will remove these items and take them to outside of the construction zone for pickup by the City’s waste contractor. Garbage cans, organic bins and recycling boxes will be returned to the property later that day. Please mark your address on all of your containers.

The proposed construction generally should not affect Barrie Transit schedules and routes. Should you have any questions regarding public transit, please call Barrie Transit Customer Services at (705) 739-4209.

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Access to Properties

Vehicle access to properties within the construction limits will be provided at almost all times during construction periods. On occasion, direct access to driveways may be interrupted. The Contractor must give prior notice of any imminent access restrictions to the businesses.

Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained during construction. If you have any special needs, such as wheelchair access, please advise the Construction Engineer.

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