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The Road Ahead

The Engineering department is responsible for project management, environmental assessment studies, design, contract administration, site inspection, field coordination services and surveys on municipal infrastructure projects.

Road Design Projects Underway
Related webpage: Completed Environmental Assessments
Construction Start
Harvie Road / Big Bay Point Road / Crossing of Highway 400
Connecting Harvie Road to Big Bay Point Road across Highway 400.
$2.6M 2019–20
Trunk Watermains, Annexation Lands
Trunk watermains on Ashford Drive, Madelaine Drive, Sandringham Drive, Consort Drive, Sun King Crescent and Royal Jubilee Drive.
$8.5M  2017–18
2016 Road Construction Projects
The below list is updated each spring
Ardagh / Ferndale Water Quality Sampling Station
Ferndale Drive, north of Ardagh Road
$188K Sept. 2016
Asphalt Surface Improvements
Burbank Place (St. Vincent to cul-de-sac) 
St. Vincent Street (Bell Farm to Codrington)
Hurst Drive (Golden Meadow to Big Bay Point
Johnson Street (Georgian to Hickling)
 $1.3M Oct. 2016
Bayfield Street Rehabilitation
Livingstone Street to city limits
 $675k Nov. 2016
Centennial Park Improvements
Ongoing project (initiated in 2013)
$2.9M Nov. 2017
Cundles Road & Duckworth Street Reconstruction
Ongoing project (initiated October 2013)
 $44.5M Dec. 2016
Cundles Road Watermain Rehabilitation
Sunnidale Road to Leacock Drive
$575K Nov. 2017
Ferndale Drive North Reconstruction
Tiffin Street to Dunlop Street
$6.5M Dec. 2016
Hotchkiss Creek Expansion (Essa Road)
(Utilities Phase) Anne Street to Gowan Street
 $4.95M* June 2017
Huronia Road Pavement Holding Strategy
North of Webb Street to Big Bay Point Road
$282K Aug. 2016
Johnson Street Improvements
Shanty Bay Road to Kempenfelt Bay
 $1.47M Dec. 2016
Little Avenue Retaining Wall Renewal
Near Highcroft Road, south side
 $180K Oct. 2016
Livingstone Street East Asphalt Surface Improvements
Bayfield Street to Cundles Road East
 $1M Aug. 2016
Maple Avenue Sidewalk Improvements
North of Dunlop Street, west side
 $65K Oct. 2016
Mapleview Drive East Improvements
Huronia Road to Country Lane
$10.13M Aug. 2017
McKay Road Bridge Replacement
At Highway 400 (Ministry of Transportation Project)
 $2.5M Dec. 2017
Meridian Place Development   $5.2M Nov. 2017
Morrow Road Reconstruction
Ardagh Road to Patterson Road
$3.88M Oct. 2017
Mulcaster Street Storm Outlet Replacement
Heritage Park
$1.13M Nov. 2016
Pressure-Reducing Valve Chamber Replacements
• Fox Run at Lewis Lane
Leacock Drive at Broadfoot Road
• Patterson Road at Mayfair Drive
 $180k Aug. 2016
 Road Resurfacing & Traffic Calming
• Sandringham Drive / Birkhall Place N
• Sandringham Drive / Consort Drive
• Cumming Drive / Stapleton Place
• Cumming Drive / Cumming Park
• Cook Street / West Gate
 $215K Aug. 2016
Rodney Street Improvements
Collingwood Street to Kempenfelt Bay
$900K Dec. 2016
Royal Oak Drive, Bay Lane, & Cottage Lane Improvements (Phase One) $11.94M* Nov 2016
Stormwater Ponds Retrofit
South Barrie Business Park
 $2.63M Dec. 2016
Tiffin Street / Highway 400 Underpass Expansion
(Ministry of Transportation Project) 
$4.2M 2019
Watermain & Improvements
Dunlop Street, Poyntz Street, & Berczy Street (Utilities Phase)
$3M* June 2017
*all phases

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