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Listing of Parks

Living in Barrie is a walk in the park! Pack a picnic, grab a Frisbee or enjoy leisurely walks through 300 hectares of scenic park space. Please refer to the park regulations that help maintain the beauty and safety of our parks.

The Parks & Recreation Strategic Master Plan (June 2010) established a strategic framework for recreation and parks’ services, programs and facilities that will guide future decision making with regard to policy, operations, maintenance, and capital improvements to the year 2019.

The Official Map of Barrie details the location of school, parks, trails and includes an enlargement of Barrie’s waterfront.  The map is also available at City Hall, Barrie Public Library, and Tourism Barrie.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Barrie's Parks. To learn more about the location, size and amenities of each park, click on the park name or arrow to expand each section. To view a park in our online mapping portal click on the address links.

Park Name View on Map Size
Allandale Heights Park Bayview Drive 3.2 acres

on Bayview Drive between Glenridge Road and Charles Court.

Allandale Station Park Lakeshore Drive 23.6 acres

Along Lakeshore Drive between Tiffin Street and Minet's Point Road.

Archie Goodall Park Wellington Street East 1.5 acres

On south side of Wellington Street East between Oak Street and St. Vincent Street.

Ardagh Bluffs Ardagh Road 518 acres

South of Ardagh Road and north of Harvie Road.

Assikinack Park Little Avenue 5.3 acres

On Little Avenue between Armstrong Boulevard and Garden Drive (behind Assikinack Public School).

Austen Ravine West Austen Lane 5.5 acres

Between Austen Lane and Scott Crescent, off Anne Street North.

Barrie Community Sports Complex 2100 Nursery Road, Midhurst 118 acres

Midhurst, Highway 26

Barwick Park Barwick Drive 3.8 acres

On Barwick Drive, north of Livingston Street, east of Sunnidale Road.

Batteaux Park n/a 7.5 acres


Bayshore Park Pine Drive, Barrie 5 acres

on Pine Drive, south of Big Bay Point Road, east of Yonge Street

Bear Creek Park Bear Creek Drive 7.8 acres

On Bear Creek Drive, north of Mapleview Drive, west of Essa Road.

Berczy Street Park Berczy Street 2 acres

On Berczy Street, area between Wellington Street East and Penetang Street, at the west end of Queen Street.

Blair Park Marcus Street .75 acres

At the corner of Marcus Street and Caroline Street, west of Anne Street South.

Brock Park Innisfil Street 2 acres

At the corner of Innisfil Street and Brock Street, between Anne Street and Bradford Street.

Browns Bush Livingstone Street 5 acres

On the southwest corner of Livingstone Street and Bayfield Street.

Brown Wood Park Brown Wood Drive 2.4 acres

On Brown Wood Drive, northwest of Livingstone Street.

Brunton Park Brunton Crescent 1 acres

On the southeast corner of Brunton Crescent and MacMillan Crescent, east of Yonge Street.

Carter Park Carter Road 1 acres

On the northeast corner of Carter Road and Dodson Road, east of Cox Mill Road.

Cartwright Park Cartwright Drive 3.5 acres

On Cartwright Drive, west of St. Vincent Street and north of Cundles Road.

Catherine Park Catherine Drive 2.8 acres
Cedar Grove Park Golden Meadow Road 3.2 acres

West side of Golden Meadow Road, south of Dock Road.

Centennial Park North Beach, South Beach 12 acres

On Lakeshore Drive, between Bayfield Street and Tiffin Street.

Chalmers Park Chalmers Drive 3 acres

On Chalmers Drive, south of Big Bay Point Road, east of Huronia Road.

Cheltenham Park Cheltenham Road 6.5 acres

On Cheltenham Road, east of Johnson Street.

City Hall Outdoor Rink 70 Collier Street 2 acres
Cloughley Park Cloughley Drive 4.35 acres

On Cloughley Drive, west of Ferndale Drive North, north of Benson Drive.

College Heights Park Bernick Drive 3 acres

On Bernick Drive, east of Duckworth Street, north of Grove Street East.

Cudia Park Dodson Road 1.5 acres

East of Cox Mill Road, Dodson Road and Gloucester Street.

Cumming Park Cumming Drive .5 acres

On Cumming Drive, west of Ferndale Drive South.

Cundles Park Cundles Road West 5 acres

On Cundles Road West, south of Livingstone Street West, west of Anne Street North.

D'Ambrosio Park D'Ambrosio Drive 14 acres

At D'Ambrosio Drive and Barre Drive, west of Yonge Street.

Dock Road Park Concept Plan 3.28 acres

Dock Road Park is scheduled for construction in 2016, at 210, 204, 200, 200B Dock Road.

Donald Street Park Donald Street 1.3 acres

On Donald Street, between Eccles Street and Wellington Street West.

Dunsmore Park Dunsmore Lane 4.94 acres

Dunsmore Park is located in Ward 1, between Dunsmore Lane and Cheltenham Road on the east side of Georgian College and Royal Victoria Hospital.

East Bayfield Community Park Hanmer Steet East 24 acres

On Hanmer Road East, east of Bayfield Street.

Eastview Park Grove St. 14.222 acres

on Grove Street East, between Cook Street and Johnson Street

Elizabeth Park James Street 2.252 acres

on northwest corner of Elizabeth Street and James Street, west of Patterson Road

Ferndale Park Summerset Drive 12.652 acres

on the west side of Ferndale Drive North, south of Bishop Drive (beside Ferndale Woods School)

Ferris Park Ferndale Drive 3.075 acres

on Grove Street East, between Cook Street and Johnson Street

Gables Park Bay Lane 42.3 acres

northeast of Bay Lane on Tollendal Mill Road

Garibaldi Lookout Garibaldi Drive .214 acres

on Garibaldi Drive, south side of Mapleview Drive West, west of Essa Road

Gibbon Park Gibbon Drive 1.922 acres

on the southeast corner of Gibbon Drive and Layton Crescent, west of Anne Street North

Golden Meadow Park Golden Meadows Road 8.596 acres

Basketball Court, Playground Equipment, Soccer Field (junior), Walkways

Greenfield Park Greenfield Avenue 5.703 acres

on the south side of Greenfield Avenue, between Woodcrest Road and Clover Avenue

Hanmer Park Kozlov Street 2.039 acres

on north end of Kozlov Street (at St. Marguerite d'Youville School)

Harvie Park Harvie Road 3.974 acres

on the northwest corner of Harvie Road and Highway 27 (Essa Road)

H. G. Robertson Park St Vincent St. 2.22 acres

on the north side of Grove Street East, between St. Vincent Street and Duckworth Street (beside Maplegrove Public School)

Heritage Park Lakeshore Drive 7.326 acres

on the south side of Lakeshore Drive, between Bayfield Street and Mulcaster Street

Hickling Park Johnson Street 6.233 acres

on the east side of Johnson Street, north of Grove Street East at Mayor Lane

Highland Park Maclaren Avenue 1.816 acres

on MacLaren Avenue, east of Yonge Street, north side of Little Avenue (dead end)

Hogans Woods Mapleton Ave 5.943 acres

on Hogan Court, northwest of St. Vincent Street and Hanmer Street

Holly Community Park Mapleton Ave 11.94 acres

on south side of Mapleton Avenue, west of Essa Road

Huronia Park Huronia Road 28.611 acres

on east side of Huronia Road (behind Willow Landing School)

Hurst Park Hurst Drive 2.381 acres

on Hurst Drive, north of Purt Court

Irwin Park Irwin Drive 2.903 acres

on Irwin Drive, north of Cundles Road West, east of Leacock Drive

John Edwin Coupe Park Worsley street .593 acres

on Worsley Street, between Clapperton Street and Owen Street

Johnson's Beach Park Johnson Beach .996 acres

at the bottom of Johnson Street, just off Shanty Bay Road

Kearsey Park Sunnidale Road 4.733 acres

on west side of Sunnidale Road across from Sunnidale Park, between cemetery and houses

Kempenfelt Park Kempenfelt Drive 1.587 acres

on the south side of Kempenfelt Drive, between Duckworth Street and St. Vincent Street

Kozlov Park Kozlov Street 4.15 acres
Kuzmich Park Grand Forest Drive .884 acres

on the northwest corner of Big Bay Point Road and Grand Forest Drive

Lackie's Bush East, West 50.148 acres

south of LIttle Avenue, between Bayview Drive and McConkey Place

Lampman Lane Park Lampman Lane 17.47 acres

on south side of Lampman Lane, west of Leacock Drive (beside Andrew Hunter Elementary School)

Leacock Park Leacock Drive 3.157 acres

north of Edgehill Drive on the west side of Leacock Drive

Lennox Park (formerly Huronia Park South) Huronia Road 19.692 acres

on the south side of Big Bay Point Road, east of Huronia Road

Lions Park Sophia Street West .603 acres

on the northwest corner of Sophia Street and Clapperton Street>

Little Lake Park North, East, South, West 286.475 acres

outside City Limits - northeast side of Little Lake, up Highway 93

Livingstone Park Little Lake 7.511 acres

on the corner of Livingstone Street and Ford Street, between Anne Street and Bayfield Street

Lonsdale Park Lonsdale Place .813 acres

on Lonsdale Place, off College Crescent

Lougheed Park Lougheed Road 5.958 acres

on Lougheed Road, south of Mapleview Drive West (beside St. Nicholas Catholic School)

MacMorrison Park Grove Street 6.532 acres

on the north side of Grove Street East, west of St.Vincent Street

Madelaine Park Madelaine Drive 6.642 acres

on Madelaine Drive, southwest of Yonge Street

Maitland Park Johnson Street 5.546 acres

on west side of Johnson Street, north of Grove Street

Mapleton Park Mapleton Avenue 1.463 acres

on Mapleton Avenue, between Essa Road and Veterans Drive, south of O'Shaughnessy Crescent

Marsellus Park Mapleview Drive West 6.585 acres

northwest of Mapleview Drive, west of Essa Road

Mayfair Park Mayfair Drive 4.172 acres

on the corner of Mayfair Drive and Florence Park Road, south of Ardagh Road

McConkey Park McConkey Crescent 3.081 acres

on McConkey Crescent, west of Huronia Road, south of Little Avenue

Memorial Square Park Fred Grant Street .524 acres

on the south side of Dunlop Street at Fred Grant Square

Milligan's Pond Perry Street 3.25 acres

on Perry Street at the end of Frances Street, south of Dunlop Street West, west of Innisfil Street

Minet's Point Park Minets Point Road 2.885 acres

east of Minet's Point Road on White Oaks Road, north of Tollendal Mill Road

Montserrand Park Montserrand Street .639 acres

49 Montserrand Street - on Montserrand Street southeast of Veterans Drive and Essa Road

Nelson Lookout Codrington Street 1.056 acres

on Codrington Street at the south end of Nelson Street

Nelson Square Park Nelson Square East 2.101 acres

on the block surrounded by Blake Street, Nelson Street East, Kempenfelt Drive

Oates Park Oates Lane 2.344 acres

on Oates Lane, east of Doyle Drive, northwest of Edgehill Drive and Ferndale Drive

Osprey Ridge Park Livingstone Street East 4.167 acres

on Livingstone Street East, east of St. Vincent Street (beside Monsignor Clair Elementary School)

Painswick Park Ashford Drive 10.6 acres

east side of Ashford Drive, east of Yonge Street, south of Big Bay Point Road

Patricia Park Patricia Avenue 0.462 acres

on Patricia Avenue, east of Bayfield Street, south of Ferris Lane

Patterson Place Park Moon Drive 1.134 acres

on Moon Drive at the end of Patterson Place, east of Patterson Road, north of Ardagh Road

Pioneer Park Kempenfelt bay .114 acres

next to Brentwood Marina on Kempenfelt Bay, at the end of Cox Mill Road

Pringle Park Pringle Drive 7.24 acres

South of Edgehill Drive, west of Miller Drive near Ruffet Drive

Queen's Park Ross Street 9.598 acres

on the block surrounded by Ross Street, Toronto Street, Park Street and Parkside Drive, across from Victoria Village

Radenhurst Park Buchanan Street 1.48 acres

on the west side of Buchanan Street or the east side of Radenhurst Crescent east of Johnson Street

Redfern Park Redfern Avenue 1.887 acres

on Redfern Avenue, west of Highway 27, south of Mapleview Drive West

Redpath Park Redpath Road 1.695 acres

on the southeast corner of Redpath Road and Carlton Road, east of Bayfield Street, north of Ferris Lane

Robin Court Park St.vincent street .715 acres

on Robin Court, east side of St. Vincent Street just past Cundles Road

Riverwood Park Kozlov Street 7.443 acres

on Kozlov Street behind the apartment buildings

St. Vincent Park Blake Street 2.173 acres

at the south end of St. Vincent Street, between Blake Street and Kempenfelt Drive

Sam Cancilla Park Dunlop Street East 1.2 acres

On the south side of Dunlop Street East between Mulcaster Street and Poyntz Street.

Sandringham Park Sandringham Drive 1.19 acres

on Sandringham Drive south of Big Bay Point Road

Scott Park Scott Crescent 1.904 acres

on Scott Crescent, between Austen Lane and Frost Trail, east of Leacock Drive

Shear Park Innisfil Street 10.541 acres

on the east side of Innisfil Street, between Holgate Street and Baldwin Lane

Sheppards Park Cox Mill Road 1.198 acres

on the southwest corner of Cox Mill Road and Tollendal Mill Road

Shoreview Park Indian Arrow Road 4.414 acres

on the southwest corner of Indian Arrow Road and Algonquin Trail, east of Johnson Street and south of Blake Street

Snowshoe Park Showshoe Trail 4.414 acres

on Showshoe Trail, south of Ardagh Road, west of Patterson Road

South Shore Park South Shore Park 16.95 acres


Steel Street Park Cook Street 2.438 acres

on the west side of Cook Street, north of Steel Street (behind Steel Street Public School)

Stephen's Gore High Street .14 acres

west end of downtown on the southeast corner of Dunlop Street West and High Street

Strabane Park Strabane Avenue 1.851 acres

on Cook Street, between Strabane Avenue and Melrose Avenue

Sunnidale Park Sunnidale Road 48.592 acres

east of Sunnidale Road between Highway 400 and Cundles Road West

The Every Kids a Hero Inclusive Adventure Playground at Sunnidale Park was redeveloped in 2014 through a partnership with the Barrie Professional Firefighters Association. The playground allows youngsters with mobility impairments or disabilities, as well individuals with hearing and visual impairments, to have some fun getting fresh air. Features:

  • ramped access to elevated play areas, in addition to the typical wheelchair transfer stations.
  • a variety of inclusive play components that address the needs of a broad cross-section of special needs. These features include the cozy cocoon for children who are autistic and the metal slide for children with cochlear implants.
Surrey Park Broadfoot Road 5.793 acres

on the north side of Broadfoot Road, south of Hemmingway Crescent, west of Leacock Drive

Tall Trees Park Cundles Road East 4.202 acres

north of Cundles Road East with cul-de-sac walkways off Springdale Drive (behind Cundles Heights Public School)

Tollendal Woods Tolendal Mill Road 1.752 acres

North of Tolendal Mill Road on Royal Oak Drive and Forestwood Lane

Tyndale Park Cox Mill Road 14.848 acres

east of Cox Mill Road, north of Tollendal Mill Road on the lake side of Tyndale Road

Vancouver Lookout Codrington Street .485 acres

on Codrington Street at the south end of Vancouver Street

Valleyview Park North, South .875 acres

corner of Crimson Ridge Road and Valleyview Court

Victoria Woods Lillian Crescent 7.942 acres

on the west side of Lillian Crescent, north of Cundles Road West, east of Sunnidale Road

Walnut Crescent Park Walnut Crescent 1.887 acres

on Walnut Crescent, east of Yonge Street, south of Big Bay Point Road off Pine Drive

Wessenger Park Wessenger Drive 1.43 acres

on Wessenger Drive, west of Essa Road from Coughlin Road to Emms Drive south to Brucker Road

Willoughby Park Little Avenue 13.089 acres

corner of Little Avenue and Firman Drive, west of Yonge Street

Woodcrest Ravine Woodcrest Road 3.866 acres

on Woodcrest Road, east of Bayview Drive, off Springdale Road


Park Regulations

To maintain the beauty and safety of our parks, we have established several rules. Your cooperation in the enforcement of these rules is appreciated:

  1. The Animal Control By-law requires dog owners to clean up after their dogs within City limits.
  2. Dogs must be kept on leashes in all City parks. Dogs are not allowed on beaches at Johnson Beach, Minets Point or Tyndale Park. Dogs are allowed on designated walkways in Centennial, Heritage, and Allandale Station Parks.
  3. For the safety of all park users, golfing is not permitted in City parks.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in City parks.
  5. Motorized vehicles are not permitted in parks. This includes snowmobiles, motor bikes and automobiles. Irresponsible vehicle users can do tremendous damage to our lovely parks and natural areas.
  6. Propane appliances are not permitted in any City parks unless part of en event and the appliance has been inspected and certified. 
  7. Charcoal cooling appliances are permitted in City parks but are not to be left unattended and the user should have a source of extinguishing and disposing of the coals available.

For more information regarding park regulations, please refer to the Parks Use By-law. Other sources of Parks information: Recreation & Leisure Guide and the City Recreation Map (available at 4th Floor City Hall, Engineering Department).

Naming, Renaming, & Dedication of Municipal Assets

The Municipal Naming Policy establishes the processes and criteria for naming, renaming or dedicating municipal assets such as streets, parks, and facilities (as well as the major elements of such municipal assets), including the methods by which the public may provide suggestions and comments.

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