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​Asset Management Funding Gaps

Like most municipalities, Barrie has significant gaps between the amount of money available each year and the amount needed to ensure existing infrastructure remains in good condition and that we can build new infrastructure to properly support growth.

In order to support services, the City should be spending more money than what is available in the budget. There is a gap between the amount available for spending and the amount needed to properly maintain our assets, meet infrastructure-related growth needs, and continue to provide the services our residents, visitors and businesses rely on.

Measuring the Gaps

Starting in 2021, a new set of asset management plans (AMPs) is being delivered. These new AMPs include measurement of infrastucture funding gaps, as outlined below:

Asset Porfolio
Stormwater Assets $11.7M / year

See ​2021 Stormwater Asset Management Plan

Transportation Assets
$48.4M / year

See 2021 Transportation Asset Management Plan

​Water Assets

​$6.2M / year
​See 2021 Water Asset Management Plan

​Wastewater Assets

​$7.6M / year  ​See 2022 Wastewater Asset Management Plan
As new AMPs are developed and published, this table will be updated with the measured gaps included within the plans.

Asset management is an evolving process; the City will update AMPs regularly to keep them current and gain an even better financial picture of what is needed and when. This information then informs the preparation of future capital and operating budgets, as well as the City’s Long Range Financial Planning efforts.

Closing the Gaps

The City has various ways of bridging the gaps between municipal money available and the money needed to ensure the City’s infrastructure can deliver services that the public expects:

Asset TypeFunding Sources to Bridge Gaps
Stormwater Assets Funding Gap

Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund

Stormwater Climate Action Fund (proposed)

Transportation Assets Funding Gap

Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund

​Water Assets Funding Gap

​Increasing User Rates (as recommended by the Water and Wastewater Financial Plan​)

​Wastewater Assets Funding Gap              

​Increasing User Rates (as recommended by the Water and Wastewater Financial Plan​)

As new AMPs are developed and published, this table will be updated with additional asset types.

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