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The proposed increase includes a 2.27% residential tax increase for City services and a 1% increase to replace and renew more of Barrie’s roads, bridges, pipes and buildings through the Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund.

The proposed tax increase has been amended to reflect recommendations outlined in Staff Report EMT-001-18 and is not reflected in the below documents.

Proposed 2018 Budget

Table of Contents  
Executive Summary (1–58)
Service Areas: Operating Budget, Tax Rate (59–241)
Service Areas: Operating Budget, User Rate (242–247)
Service Partner Budget Support (248–290)
Capital Plan: 2018–2027 (291–306)
New Investment & Service Recommendations (307–331)
Proposed Fee Changes (332–379)
Capital Plan Project Details (extra)
Once approved by Council, the full document is available for public viewing in a hard-copy format at the City Clerk’s Office or Finance Department, 70 Collier Street, 1st Floor. If an alternate format is required, please call 705-739-4204.

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