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How Barrie Compares

Barrie taxes are very comparable to other municipalities. In fact, Barrie taxes are in the lower end of other major southern Ontario municipalities. Taxes paid for services provided by the City are comparable to other household expenses.

Other Municipalities

According to the 2017 BMA Municipal Study, average property taxes for a single family home (detached bungalow) in Barrie were $3,573. Here’s how that number compares to property taxes paid by a similar home in Ontario cities with populations over 100,000:

Municipality 2017 Property Taxes
Toronto (East) $2,922
Chatham-Kent $3,127  
Greater Sudbury $3,132  
Milton $3,192
Windsor  $3,193
Waterloo $3,388  
Cambridge $3,392  
Kitchener $3,447
Guelph $3,531  
Barrie $3,573
London $3,580
Kingston $3,617  
Toronto (West) $3,625  
Thunder Bay $3,695  
Burlington $3,711
St. Catharines  $3,719
Hamilton  $4,036
Ottawa $4,053  
Brampton  $4,053
Richmond Hill $4,187  
Oakville $4,198  
Toronto (North) $4,264
Whitby $4,307  
Oshawa $4,390
Mississauga $4,427  
Vaughan $4,521
Toronto (South)  $5,149
Markham $5,641
Average $3,860
Residential Comparison: Detached Bungalow |  Municipalities with populations greater than 100,000 |  Source: 2017 BMA Municipal Study (page 299).

Other property categories for municipalities with populations greater than 100,000, and Barrie’s position:
• 2-Storey Home: 4th lowest, ~$500 lower than the average (pg. 305)
• Senior Executive: 6th lowest, ~$800 lower than the average (pg. 311)
• Multi-Residential Walk-ups: 5th lowest, ~$250 lower than the average (pg. 319)
• Multi-Residential/High Rise: 5th lowest, ~$300 lower than the average (pg. 324)

Other Household Expenses

See how your property taxes compare to other household expenses like natural gas, cable and hydro for the average household.

Description Annual Amount
Total Property Taxes*
(City, Service Partners, Education)
Taxes paid for services provided by the City of Barrie $2,220
Natural Gas $1,500
Hydro $1,200
Cable and Internet $1,500
Gas for an average automobile driver $2,500
Car Insurance per vehicle $1,500
Home Insurance $800 – $1,000
Residential Comparison: Detached Bungalow |  Municipalities with Population greater than 100K |  Source: 2017 BMA Municipal Study (page 299)

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