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2014 Business Plan

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Following Council’s budget directions, City staff prepared the 2014 Business Plan. 

Following a series of cuts to the City’s proposed capital and operating budget, City Council has approved a 2.0% tax increase for residents, which translates into an additional $74.58 to the typical Barrie home assessed at $277,000. The 2014 Business Plan Consolidated Motion document identifies all of the changes made to the draft Business Plan.

By-laws required to implement the 2014 Business Plan will be presented at a subsequent Council meeting(s). The 2014 Business Plan also contains recommendations of changes to user fees for services, products and goods provided by the City of Barrie.

Use the following table of contents to view the 2014 Business Plan in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The full document is also available for public viewing in a hard-copy format at the City Clerk’s Office or Finance Department, 70 Collier Street, 1st Floor. If an alternate format is required, please contact 705-739-4204.

Table of Contents

Business Plan Overview
Capital Budget Overview
Operating Budget Details
Other Expenses
Services Partner
Water User Rate Budget
Wastewater User Rate Budget
Parking User Rate Budget
Service Level Change Forms
Proposed Fee Changes
2014 Capital Budget Details
User Guide to Performance Plans

presentation describing the draft budget was presented at the Budget Breakfast on December 3. Subject to Council’s discussions, the Business Plan & Budget will be approved at its January 27 meeting.

The Business Plan & Budget establishes the annual service levels and costs for the city’s programs and services. There will be choices to consider about how to find the right balance between service levels, property taxes, debt and user fees. The Business Plan & Budget will aim to match service levels with available revenue to maintain the level of service provided to the community.

2014 Business Plan Development Schedule

August–Nov 2013 Staff produce workplans, draft operating, capital and rate budgets; informal updates with the Finance and Corporate Services Committee will occur throughout the development schedule
October 2013 Public engagement opportunities underway
December 2013 2014 Business Plan distributed to Council
January 2014 Committee/Council review and approval

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