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2016 Business Plan

The 2016 Business Plan & Budget focuses on infrastructure and jobs. Following a series of amendments to the City’s proposed capital and operating budget (below), City Council approved a 2.9% tax increase on January 25, 2016.

Executive-Summary 1–51
Service Areas: Operating Budget, Tax Rate 52–216
Service Areas: Operating Budget, User Rates 217–222
Service Partner Support 223–243
Capital Plan: 2016–2025 244–256
New Investment & Service Recommendations  257–30
Proposed Fee Changes 302–361
Capital Project Detail Reports, 2016–2020 (extra)

The full document is available for public viewing in a hard-copy format at the City Clerk’s Office or Finance Department, 70 Collier Street, 1st Floor. If an alternate format is required, please call 705-739-4204.

2016 Business Plan Development Schedule

June 2015 Committee/Council approval of the 2017 Budget Directions
June – Sept. 2015 Staff produce work plans; draft operating, capital, and rate budgets.

Oct. 2015

• Council Workshop
• Public engagement activities
Dec. 2015  2016 Business Plan distributed to Council
Jan. 2016 Committee/Council review & approval

Council Direction

In June 2015, Council directed staff to prepare the 2016 Business Plan for all tax-supported services that considers:

  • the cost of maintaining current programs at current service levels, based on anticipated 2016 activities;
  • annualized prior period decisions (if the costs of a program or service change based on only a partial year, costs for 2016 needed to include the entire year's cost)
  • the financial impact on the 2016 budget of Council directions throughout 2015;
  • recommendations for changes to funding sources that result in a decreased reliance on property taxes;
  • an estimate of assessment growth based on the value of newly assessed property throughout 2015;
  • the continuation of an annual 1% Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund;
  • contributions to reserves consistent with the Financial Policies Framework;
  • inclusion of water, wastewater, parking, service level changes, 10-year capital plan with one-year capital budget, a four-year forecast, and a five-year outlook.

Budget Allocator Tool

The Budget Allocator Tool is an online engagement tool that let residents and businesses choose how to invest their tax dollars and leave comments about their choices. The tool launched in November 2015 and included major service areas in the tax based operating budget that impact the daily lives of residents and businesses.

The tool closed for official comment on January 6, 2016 with a total of 271 submissions and 94 comments; results were shared with Council as part of the 2016 Business Plan & Budget deliberations. City Council approved the Budget at a meeting on January 25, 2016.

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