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Smoking By-law

A new smoking by-law came into effect in Barrie on June 17, 2019. The by-law has been expanded to include cannabis, vaping and e-cigarettes, and increases restrictions on where smoking can take place.

Definition of smoke or smoking

The most recent update to the Smoking By-law has updated the definition of “smoke” to include cannabis and tobacco. As well, the definition of “smoking” has been updated to include vaping, e-cigarettes or any similar product whether the product is lighted or not.

“No Smoking” areas expanded

  • Recreation Centres/Arenas are completely smoke-free on the property as well an additional 20 metre radius surrounding the property.
  • All parks in the City have been smoke-free since 2009. They continue to be smoke-free, and effective June 17, 2019, the only “designated smoking areas” are in the following parking lots:
    • Centennial Park North 75 Lakeshore Drive (includes Victoria North and Victoria South and transient vehicle with trailer lots)
    • ​Centennial Park South 95 Lakeshore Drive
    • Heritage Park (west parking section only) 5 Simcoe Street
    • Johnson Beach 81 Shanty Bay Road
    • Lakeshore Drive Lot West (Spirit Catcher) 15 Simcoe Street
    • Lakeshore Lot 25 Simcoe St
    • Marina Lot 55 Lakeshore Drive
    • North Marina Lot 15 Simcoe Street
    • Tiffin Launch (upper parking section only) 105 Lakeshore Drive
  • Smoking is not permitted on all property owned or operated by the City of Barrie which are designated as open space, environmentally protected lands, urban squares, to be used by the public for active or passive recreational uses, sporting events, splash pads fitness areas etc.
  • Smoking is not permitted on outdoor food service patios as well as additional 9 metres surrounding the patio.

    When in doubt, put it out.

    New signage is being installed at parks and facilities in the City to remind people where smoking is not permitted, however if in doubt, put it out. City enforcement staff will be out each day educating people on the new regulations and conducting enforcement when required.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I smoke/vape?

A person can smoke/vape in Barrie on private property. Smoking is prohibited on all public spaces (i.e. walkways and parks) and workplaces. Failure to obey the City’s Smoking Bylaws could result in a fine of up to $100,000 if on City property such as a park.

Where does Cannabis fit in?

The City’s Smoking By-law treats all forms of Cannabis the same as tobacco. If you are permitted to smoke or vape tobacco products then you can also smoke or vape Cannabis products.

Are there other regulations that might restrict or prohibit smoking or vape?

Yes, in addition to the City’s By-law the Smoke Free Ontario Act also regulates smoking on various properties, work places or public access locations.

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