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Offering Innovative & Citizen-Driven Services Customer Service Satisfaction

icons Council Strategic Plan Report

​Customer Service Satisfaction

Customer service satisfaction is one of three key performance indicators relating to the Offering Innovative & Citizen-Driven Services priority, one of five priorities outlined in City Council's 2018–2022 Strategic Plan.

Why this Measure Matters

Significant effort has been made to consolidate and standardize customer service through Service Barrie. As of January 2021, Service Barrie represents approximately 75% of live service interactions with the City of Barrie. Satisfaction ratings with Service Barrie interactions are a good indicator of satisfaction with service interactions with the City.

2020 Performance: 83%

Plans to increase survey numbers have been disrupted due to COVID-19. Service Barrie will continue to review alternatives to measure this metric in light of the current situation.

Blended Net Promoter Score for phone, counter & email 96%83%


Source: Service Barrie feedback surveys. Phone: 96% (100 responses); Counter: 100% (40 responses, limited due to COVID-19 shutdowns); Email: 66% (89 responses)


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