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icons Council Strategic Plan Report

Impact of Automation & Innovation

Impact of automation and innovation is one of three key performance indicators relating to the Offering Innovative and Citizen-Driven Services priority, one of five priorities outlined in City Council's 2018–2022 Strategic Plan.

Why this Measure Matters

Improving operational efficiency with the use of technology demonstrates effective governance and a return on capital investments in innovation and automation.

2019 Performance

Cost Savings: $376,670
Staff Time: $11,886


A collector tool will be created to capture the cost savings, cost avoidance and revenue generation of innovation enabled by technology annually.

2019 Activities

2019 was the first year that we provided City staff with a formal innovation tracker that reported on business improvement activities that resulted in cost savings, customer time savings and/or revenue generated. A total of four projects were reported in 2019:

  • Infrastructure Asset Pre-numbering
  • Electronic Pay Stubs
  • Reference Collecting Software
  • Final Notice/Notice of Pending Suspension

2020 Activities

2020 expects to show a leap forward in digital transformation of city activities, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a number of corporate projects, software enhancement and process improvement initiatives planned. The tracker will be promoted in Q4 2020 reminding staff to capture their business improvement efforts.

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