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This page informs on the department's role in the working structure of the organization, positioned to best serve our community.

The Finance Department provides financial services to City Council, the Public and City Departments. Primary responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

  • Providing information, reports, analysis and guidance to City Council, the Public and City Departments regarding financial operations of the City.
  • Establishing, developing and maintaining accounting systems and procedures relating to financial activities for City operations.
  • Billing and collection of municipal taxes.
  • Water Wastewater Billing
  • Preparation of City's operating and capital budgets.
  • Processing accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Acts as lead department relative to City's purchasing function.
  • Investing and borrowing of funds.
  • Issue debentures relating to capital projects.  
  • Preparing City's annual financial statements.
  • Lead Department in the Administration of the Development Charges Act.

Finance Documents

Annual Business Plans
Municipal Studies
Annual Consolidated Financial Statements
Financial Plans
Financial Policies

The Corporate Financial Policies for the City of Barrie can be accessed through the Finance Policies Framework

The Capital Financing and Debt Management Policy for the City of Barrie can be accessed through The Capital Financing and Debt Management Policy

The Investment Policy Statement for the City of Barrie can be accessed through Investment Policy Statement

Standard & Poor's Credit Rating

Standard & Poor's six most recent annual credit rating reports are available for download below.

2021 Credit Rating

2020 Credit Rating

2019 Credit Rating

2018 Credit Rating

2017 Credit Rating

2016 Credit Rating

2015 Credit Rating

About the Purchasing Branch

It takes a variety of goods and services to keep the City running – everything from road salt, vehicles and uniforms to printing services, office supplies, computers, communications technology and so much more.

The Purchasing Branch works with Departments as a strategic partner, facilitating value-added procurement for all goods and services. To that end, we assist with procurement project management and collaborate as business partners and advisors to our customers.

Purchasing staff are highly dedicated, knowledgeable and trained professionals. Many staff have achieved internationally recognized professional designations and certifications in procurement and inventory management.

Key objectives of the Procurement Branch:

  1. Procure the necessary quality and quantity of goods and/or services in an efficient and effective way with a focus on best value, while maintaining the controls necessary for a public institution, in accordance with the Purchasing Policies as approved by Council.
  2. Encourage the most open, competitive bidding process practicable for the acquisition and disposal of goods and/or services, and the objective and equitable treatment of all vendors.
  3. Ensure the maximum value of an acquisition is obtained by determining the total cost over the lifetime of the capital asset, good or service.

The City of Barrie is one of the founding members of the Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative (GBAPPC). The GBAPPC membership comprises a broad spectrum of public agencies operating within the Georgian Bay area including municipalities, school boards, hospitals, colleges, and various other public entities that share resource efforts to procure similar goods and services through collaborative processes to recognize additional savings.

Additionally, Purchasing oversees two store locations (Operations Centre and Surface Water Treatment Plant) to support the immediate day-today needs of the City’s Operational groups. These store areas primarily maintain inventories of commonly used items to ensure necessary materials and equipment are available to City staff when required.

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