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Recruitment Process

This section will provide you with general information about the City of Barrie’s recruitment process. Click on each of the numbers to view each step of the standard recruitment process.

Note: Special recruitment campaigns such as Fire Fighter Recruitment and Student Opportunities do not follow this process.

City of Barrie’s Recruitment Process
1. Application Submission  

To be considered for an available employment opportunity found on the City's Current Opportunities webpage, applicants are required to submit their application by clicking the 'Apply Now' button, which can be located on the job posting.

Please note that we do not accept physical copies of applications that are mailed or dropped off at the Human Resources Department.​

2. Application Screening  

Applications are reviewed by the hiring manager, with oversight provided by Human Resources, to identify the applicants who best meet the qualifications required for the position. Those selected will be invited to participate in the recruitment process with the City of Barrie.

We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected to be interviewed will be contacted.

3. Interviews  

One or more interviews will be conducted by an interview panel of at least two or more individuals, which will include the hiring manager, and may include another management staff member in their department, a subject matter expert within the department, or a Human Resources representative.

Interviews are always based on position ​related criteria.

Occasionally applicants will be required to provide a portfolio and/or a presentation for the interview panel.

4. Assessments

When suitable, candidates may be required to undergo some form of position related testing to ascertain their knowledge and skills. Testing is based on the knowledge and skills required for the position and will be administered to candidates consistently.

5. Decision Making  

The interview panel will score, then review the interview and test results (if applicable) to decide on the preferred candidate for the position. The recruitment policy and Collective Agreement are also factors in the decision making process.

6. Reference Checks and Credentials  

Human Resources will contact the preferred candidate’s references (with permission from the candidate) in order to gain additional position-related information and verify work history. It is preferred that references include current and past supervisors, where possible.

The preferred candidate will be asked to provide proof of relevant educational credentials, licenses, certifications, etc. before an employment offer can be made.

Interviewed candidates may want to have these prepared in advance so as to not delay the hiring process.

7. Employment Offer  

A verbal employment offer will be made by the Human Resources department to the preferred candidate. Once accepted by the candidate, the verbal employment offer is followed by an employment letter confirming the details.

As a condition of employment, the selected candidate will be required to provide an original copy of a recent Police Record Check prior to their start date. Please refer to the Police Record Check Procedure for further information.

8. Welcome and Orientation  

The new employee will take part in a departmental orientation/onboarding session with their new Supervisor or Manager.

Arrangements will be made for the new employee to obtain a staff ID at the Human Resources Department.

Arrangements will be also be made for the new employee to attend a corporate orientation program and a health and safety orientation program after their start date.


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