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Finance and Corporate Services Committee

The Finance and Corporate Services Committee is a reference committee that reports to City Council. Formal channels to communicate with reference committees include Circulation List and Open Delegations.

Members include:

  • Mayor J. Lehman (ex-officio)    
  • Deputy Mayor B. Ward - Ward 4 (Vice-Chair)
  • R. Thomson - Ward 5
  • G. Harvey - Ward 7
  • J. Harris - Ward 8
  • S. Morales - Ward 9 (Chair)

Mandate: to study and report to the General Committee on matters referred to within the subjects listed below.

  • Corporate sustaining matters including financial (capital and operating budgets, revenue and
    taxation, financial policies, procurement and audit functions)
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Risk management
  • Information technology
  • Legislative
  • Court
  • Human resources
  • Accessibility
  • Health and wellness
  • Communications
  • History and archives
  • Corporate facility management
  • Licensing services
  • Intergovernmental
  • Service and community partner relations
  • Fire prevention, operations and training
  • Community emergency management
  • Recreation
  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • By-law enforcement services
  • Customer service.

Notwithstanding the above, a Reference Committee may consider new business that has not been referred to it by the Council if the subject of the business falls within the duties of the Committee as identified in the foregoing sections.

Boards that Report to the Finance and Corporate Services Committee

  • Investment Board

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