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I, Barry Ward, Deputy, Mayor of the City of Barrie hereby proclaim
May 14, 2022 asWorld Migratory Bird Day
WHEREAS;  The theme for World Migratory Bird Day in 2022 is "Dim the Lights for Birds at Night"; and
WHEREAS;  Bird populations are in great decline, and their habitats in peril, it is of paramount importance to reduce the impact of light pollution on migrating birds. Artificial light is increasing by 2% per year globally and has profound impacts on many species. Migrating birds can suffer disorientation at night, leading to potentially fatal collisions with buildings, disruption of birds' internal clocks and interference with their ability to complete the arduous long-distance journeys that have occurred across our continent for millennia; and
WHEREAS;  Barrie by virtue of its location on the sheltered shores of Kempenfelt Bay, is an important destination for migratory birds that stop off here to feed and rest; and
WHEREAS;  The Barrie Bird Friendly Team, Nature Barrie, and Nature Canada invite you to celebrate, discover, and welcome our returning migrating birds, and address the problems that night-time lighting creates for them. Residents and neighbours of this city, young and old, are encouraged to join one of 6 expert-led walks from a network of parks, creeks, and bay areas in Barrie, or by visiting a bird friendly themed display at Lampman park. For more information see,, and
THEREFORE, I, Barry Ward, Deputy Mayor of the City of Barrie, do hereby proclaim May 14, 2022 as “World Migratory Bird Day.”

- Barry Ward, Deputy, Mayor of the City of BARRIE

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