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Code of Conduct

Consistent with the City’s practice of demonstrating transparent, accountable and ethical governance, City Council adopted a Code of Conduct for Members of Council and its Boards and Committees.

Code of Conduct Purpose & Intent

The Council Code of Conduct is to establish standards of conduct for Members of Council, Local Boards and Committee Members in the individual conduct of their official duties. These standards will help protect and maintain the City of Barrie’s reputation and integrity.

Maintaining a high quality of public administration and governance can be achieved in part by encouraging high standards of conduct on the part of City officials. The public is entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from members that are elected or appointed to serve their local government. 

A written Code of Conduct helps to ensure that the members of Council share a common basis of acceptable conduct.  These standards are designed to supplement the legislative parameters within which the members must operate.  They are intended to enhance public confidence that the City of Barrie’s elected and appointed officials operate from a basis of integrity, justice and courtesy. Barrie’s Code of Conduct regulates a wide range of conduct by elected and appointed officials.

Barrie's Code of Conduct regulates items such as:

  • Improper receipt of gifts and benefits;
  • Misuse and improper securing of confidential information;                
  • Inappropriate use of City property, services and other resources, including using City facilities for campaign purposes;                
  •  Allowing employment prospects to influence the way in which a Councillor performs her or his role;                
  •  Avoidance of waste;                
  •  Business relations;                
  •  Misbehaviour at Council meetings;                
  •  Mistreatment of staff;               
  •  Improper use of influence;                
  •  Discreditable behaviour towards other Councillors, staff and members of the public; and,                
  •  Failing to follow Council policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can file a complaint?
Members of the public, staff, any organization as well as other Members of Council, can file complaints under the Code.
What is the process for filing a complaint?

Complaints may be filed by following the Code of Conduct Complaint Procedure. The complaint is filed with the Integrity Commissioner.

Does the Integrity Commissioner investigate complaints about City employees?
The Integrity Commissioner does not have any authority over City employees. City employees are subject to a separate Code of Conduct. The activities of the Integrity Commissioner relate only to the Code of Conduct for Council, Local Board and Council Committee members.
Where can I read the Code of Conduct?
You can view the Code of Conduc​t​ digitally here.

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