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Council Meeting
Previews & Highlights

Previews and highlights of upcoming and recent City Council and General Committee meetings, posted weekly on Fridays and Tuesdays.

PREVIEW: General Committee Meeting 
Monday, June 25, 2018

Check out the full agenda at All motions will be considered for final approval at the Barrie City Council meeting scheduled to follow the June 25, 2018 General Committee meeting.

Authorization to pursue partnership agreement with SustainMobility

Barrie Councillors will consider initial approval of a no-cost, three-year partnership agreement with SustainMobility, to develop a pilot transportation demand management (TDM) project to deliver the Smart Commute Program. It works to help commuters change their travel habits through such measures as carpool matching and employee vanpool programs, along with walking, cycling and public transit. The City would encourage local businesses to participate in the program, promote it on the City’s website ( and collect and maintain data on the program. Learn more.

Gowan Ontario Heritage Trust Plaque (Ward 1)

Placing an Ontario Heritage Plaque honouring Sir James Gowan in Kempenfelt Park will be considered for initial approval by Barrie Councillors. Gowan was Simcoe County’s first judge at age 27, serving from 1843-1883. He was appointed to the Senate by John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, in 1985 and continued to make contributions to the Red Chamber until he retired in 1907 at age 92. Gowan was awarded a knighthood in 1905 and died in 1909, at age 94. Kempenfelt Park was donated to Barrie upon his death. The Ontario Heritage Trust would pay for the plague’s manufacture, wording and installation. Learn more.

Dunlop Street East Corridor Improvements Mulcaster Street to Toronto Street (Ward 2)

Barrie Councillors will consider initial approval to accept a provincial Main Street Revitalization Initiatives grant of $154,709 and apply it to the construction of the Dunlop Street East Corridor Improvements from Toronto Street to Mulcaster Street. The project involves enhanced streetscapes and beautification of the corridor, along with safe pedestrian movement and accessibility, enhanced lighting, visibility and the inclusion of on-road, boulevard patios. The first phase of this project is expected to begin in September, 2019, with a projected finish in October, 2020. Learn more.

Summerset Drive Parking Investigation (Ward 6)

A parking ban on the north side of Summerset Drive, from Ferndale Drive South to Nicholson Drive, will be considered for initial approval by Barrie Councillors. Residents there have expressed concerns about operational and safety concerns due to vehicles parked on Summerset’s north side; vehicles parked close to driveways impede sight lines, while obstructing vehicles entering and leaving driveways. And vehicles parked on both side of Summerset reduce its travel width, affecting safety. Summerset Drive is a two-lane collector road with a traffic volume of approximately 3,000 vehicles a day, and with sidewalks on both sides. Learn more.

Feasibility of Policy Change related to Sewer Connection Ownership

Councillors will consider initial approval to receive, for information purposes, a staff report concerning the investigation of a change of City Council policies that require a Barrie property owner to pay for the replacement cost of failed sewer connections, between a building structure and the sewer main. Repair costs range from $10,000 to $15,000, but can exceed $20,000. There are 43,607 sewer connections in Barrie with an average length of 20 metres from the building to the sewer main; the total length of sewer connections in the city would be approximately 872 kilometres of pipe. Learn more.

Item for Discussion:
Barrie Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation - Loan Agreement

The provision of a letter to Barrie Housing indicating the City’s willingness to enter into a loan agreement with Barrie Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation to provide a $75,000, interest-free loan to build 11 additional units of affordable housing on a new fourth floor at a reconstructed 100 Little Ave. will be considered for initial approval by Councillors. This is in the event that Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation funding is not received. The loan would be paid back over four years. An April 23, 2018 fire displaced as many as 70 residents at the 23 units at 100 Little Ave., causing an estimated $3.5-million in damage. This motion is sponsored by Mayor Jeff Lehman.  Learn more.

Item for Discussion:
Investigation of Installing All-Way Stop Sign - intersection of Miller Drive and Sproule Drive

Barrie Councillors will consider a motion that City staff in the Roads, Parks and Fleet Department investigate the feasibility of installing an All-Way stop sign at the intersection of Miller Drive and Sproule Drive, and report back to General Committee. The Miller/Sproule intersection is located between Edgehill Drive and Dunlop Street West, near Barrie’s western border. The motion is sponsored by Ward 5 Councillor Peter Silveira. Learn more.

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