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Cou​ncil Meeting
Previews & Highlights

Previews and highlights of upcoming and recent City Council and General Committee meetings, posted weekly on Fridays and Tuesdays.

General Committee and City Council meetings air and stream live on Rogers Television. Formal channels to communicate with City Council include Circulation List and Deputations.

HIGHLIGHTS: City Council
7 P.M. Monday, September 16, 2019

Full agenda

Awards and Recognition


Barrie City Council welcomed the international youth delegation visiting from Zweibrucken, Germany. Zweibrucken is Barrie’s twin city, and this twinning recognizes the ties which have developed between the citizens of Canada and Germany.


There have been a number of cultural exchanges between the two cities. Zweibrucken was a NATO air base in West Germany, assigned to the Royal Canadian Air force until 1969 and the United States Air Force until it close in 1991. Barrie and Zweibrucken were twinned in 1999. 


City Council received the presentation of a gift from its sister City in Murayama, Japan. Deputy Mayor Ward presented the gift on behalf of a student delegation from Murayama Japan who visited the City of Barrie in the summer of 2019




Assessment of multi-use pathways at Essa Road and Dunlop Street interchanges - update to MTO projects at Essa Road and Dunlop Street interchanges and Anne Street and Sunnidale Road crossings (all Wards)


Barrie City Council approved a motion that a multi-use pathway be added to the (Ontario) Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Essa Road Interchange Reconstruction Project. The 2019 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) did not recommend bike lanes at the Essa Road interchange, but City staff have reassessed the TMP relating to cycling infrastructure and asked the MTO to include a multi-use pathway. The Essa Road interchange’s design includes sidewalks on both sides; converting one to a pathway to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians would be cost-effective.


Support of the Rotary Club fishing platform at Heritage Park (Ward 2)


A motion that the Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia finance and construct an accessible fishing pier along Kempenfelt Bay’s shoreline, within Heritage Park, was approved by City Council. It will enhance fishing opportunities along Barrie’s waterfront. When completed, the platform will become City property and its regular maintenance will be the City’s responsibility. The pier’s future rehabilitation will also be undertaken by the City, with an opportunity for funding from the Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia.


Zoning Bylaw amendment application - Michler Holdings Ltd., 440 Veteran’s Dr. and 104 White Cres. (Ward 7)


City Council approved a motion to rezone half an acre of land on the west side of Veteran’s Drive, east of White Crescent and north of Touchette Drive, to permit the development of 8 block/cluster townhouses. Each unit will have a private driveway and a garage. This development will also include an amenity area in its southeast corner. There will be three parking spaces for visitors in this medium density residential development in Barrie.


Barrie Transit field trip pass (all Wards)


Council approved a motion that Barrie Transit’s field trip pass pilot program be continued, to provide eligible elementary schools access to passes from September to June annually. Also, that Barrie Transit begin a one-year field trip pilot program involving two local high schools, to study the viability and benefits of expanding the program to eligible high schools to run from this September until next June. Schools will be provided with three field trip passes valid for unlimited travel for as many as 30 students and five adults.


Investigation - All-way stop at Madelaine Drive and Country Lane (Ward 9)


A motion that Roads, Parks and Fleet Department staff investigate the feasibility of installing an all-way stop at Madelaine Drive and Country Lane, and report back to General Committee, was approved by Barrie City Council.


Installation of no parking signage on White Elm Road (Ward 7)


City Council approved a motion that Roads, Parks and Fleet Department staff install no parking signs on the west side of White Elm Road, from Mapleview Drive to Willow Drive.


Smart City opportunities


That City staff in the Invest Barrie and Innovate Barrie departments investigate opportunities for the City of Barrie to become a Smart City and report back to the City Building Committee was approved by Council. Infrastructure Canada defines a Smart City as a community which harnesses the potential of connected technology and data to improve the lives of its citizens.


Establishment of a legacy fund for the Youth Ambassadors Program with the Barrie Community Foundation


City Council approved a motion that the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute an agreement with the Barrie Community Foundation to establish a legacy fund for the Youth Ambassadors Program in a form acceptable to the Director of Legal Services.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) construction


Barrie City Council approved a motion that Planning and Building Department staff investigate mechanisms to promote the construction of new LEED / LEED v.4 buildings, and to encourage that existing buildings be retrofitted in a way that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, and report back to the City Building Committee.


Investigation - Establishing a policy regarding construction requirements


City Council approved a motion that as part of Barrie’s Official Plan review, Planning and Building Services Department staff be requested to investigate the feasibility of developing a comprehensive policy to establish enhanced requirements and considerations when existing single-detached homes within established neighbourhoods are proposed to be replaced or significantly renovated, to address items such as maintaining the character of the neighbourhood and integrating the proposed development with the existing homes with respect to privacy, grading interfaces, proposed landscaping, maximizing mature vegetation preservation, promoting low impact development measures and other compatibility matters.


Authorization to enter into an agreement to construct a fence on a City owned property along McDonald Street frontage at 88 Mulcaster St. (Ward 2)


Barrie City Council referred a motion to execute an agreement with the Canadian Mental Health Association, 88 Mulcaster St.’s owner, to use City owned land to built a fence along the McDonald Street frontage of this property, to the City’s Building Committee for further consideration.


The agreement would include details such as design responsibility, cost, installation and maintenance.


The David Busby Centre is located at 88 Mulcaster St., and following renovations at the site, there have been requests made by area residents for a fence along the property’s McDonald Street frontage.


Mapleview Drive East new transmission watermain - Yonge to Royal Jubilee (Ward 9)


Barrie City Council approved a motion increasing the budget for the Mapleview Drive East new transmission watermain, from Yonge Street to Royal Jubilee Drive, by $1.7 million. This will increase the project’s total budget to just more than $5 million. The project is integral infrastructure for providing domestic water supply, and water for fire suppression, to the Hewitt’s and Salem Secondary Plan areas in Barrie. It is being funded and built by the Landowners Groups in exchange for Development Charge Credits.


Ontario Audit and Accountability Agreement (all Wards)


Barrie City Council approved a motion executing an Ontario Transfer Payment Agreement to access as much as $200,000 from the provincial Audit and Accountability Fund. This funding is for an independent third party to conduct a review of the City’s service delivery and modernization opportunities, with specific and actionable recommendations for cost savings. A transfer payment agreement is required to obtain provincial funding for this work. The province announced the $7.35-million Audit and Accountability Fund’s creation last May.


Application for Official Plan amendment and Zoning Bylaw amendment (The Soho James Incorporated c/o Bryan Toteda) - 390 Essa Rd. (Ward 6)


A motion to amend Barrie’s Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw, to change the height and density allowed at 390 Essa Rd. for a six storey mid-rise building, was approved by City Council. This development will have 74 residential units with the potential for 7 supportive housing units in partnership with Redwood Park Communities, or a similar affordable housing provider.


An entry feature for this property and design elements in the building’s lobby would pay homage to the historic nature of the existing home and retaining wall. The proposed building design makes use of architectural elements such as bricks, stones and shrubs. This is not a designated heritage property, but it does have historical value.


Noise Bylaw - Restrictions of consistent noise of all sources


A motion that staff in the Legislative and Court Services Department investigate the feasibility of implementing provisions within the Noise Bylaw to restrict consistent noise from all sources in residential areas and report back to General Committee was approved by Barrie City Council.


Correspondence from Aaron Gold, One Milburn Inc. dated Sept. 4, 2019 concerning a request for a Sign Bylaw variance for 1 Milburn St.


Barrie City Council approved a motion that correspondence from Aaron Gold, One Milburn Inc., dated Sept. 4, 2019, concerning a request for a Sign Bylaw variance for 1 Milburn St. be referred to the City’s Finance and Corporate Services Committee.




Barrie City Council heard a presentation from representatives of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) concerning the LSRCA’s annual operating priorities for 2019.

These priorities include emergency mapping and flood relief, enhancing sediment and erosion control measures, reporting key environmental trends and change, climate change mitigation and a strategy for adapting to climate change.


This year’s annual operating priorities also include renovating the Scanlon Creek Operations Centre and planning for a new nature centre.


LSRCA has been conserving, restoring and managing Lake Simcoe’s watershed since 1951. Its mission is to work with communities to protect and restore the watershed using research, policy and action.

For more information, visit


Barrie City Council heard a presentation from representatives of Seasons Centre for Grieving Children about its services. Its mission is to provide peer-to-peer support programs in a safe, home-like atmosphere for children, teens and their families grieving the death or life-threatening illness of a loved one.

Seasons Centre for Grieving Children is founded on the belief that every child deserves an opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment.

For more information, visit




























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