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Corporate Asset Management

Corporate Asset Management (CAM) ensures community sustainability and a high quality of life through effective and innovative management of the City’s tangible assets.

The City's Engineering Department employs a dedicated team of engineers, engineering technologists and technicians focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of all City-owned assets. This corporate focus recognizes the importance of assets being maintained in a state of good repair in order to deliver the services that the municipality provides.

The CAM team provides valued information to City Council to facilitate better, more informed decisions, which are aligned with the City’s Financial Policy Framework. Staff guide the management of the City’s tangible assets, which include:

Asset Management Policy (AMP)

Asset management policy development, and implementation of a comprehensive management approach to all City assets, includes standardization of data management and analysis practices. CAM staff undertake preparation of the Corporate Asset Status Report and Capital Plan. The Corporate Asset Management Plan contains appendices for service areas:

Environmental Services


Recreation & Culture



Storm Water Management Facilities (separate report)

CAM Frequently Asked Questions
When did the City begin to implement asset management?

The 2006 – 2010 City Council identified “Initiate an Infrastructure Renewal Program to Prioritize Rehabilitation and Repair of Roads, Pipes and other City Assets” as one of their strategic priorities. In recognition, under the guidance of the Executive Management Team, the Corporate Asset Management team was created in November 2008. Barrie is one of a growing number of municipalities in Canada that implement asset management.  Asset Management is a journey, and the City’s practices are evolving and continuously improving.

What is asset management?

The National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure (InfraGuide) defines asset management as a systematic process that helps municipalities identify the right treatment on the right assets, at the right time. By applying the right treatments to the right assets at the right time, a municipality can provide transparent, rational and accountable cost effective management of municipal infrastructure systems with best value for money, minimizing overall costs over the long term.

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