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Community Improvement Plans
Financial Incentives

The Community Improvement Plans (CIPs) provide financial incentives to achieve current community goals and priorities, and targets key planning and strategic objectives for development within Barrie’s Built Boundary.

Built Boundary Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Built Boundary CIP was approved in October 2016. It encompass Barrie’s entire Built Boundary and replaces two previous CIPs: Downtown Barrie and Allandale Centre. The Built Boundary CIP includes two types of grant programs, both of which provide financial incentives to achieve current community goals and priorities within the Built Boundary.

Renovation Grant
Intake period: May 25–June 19, 2017

The Renovation Grant promotes renovation and restoration of existing buildings within the Urban Growth Centre and buildings listed on the Municipal Heritage Register. The main goal of this program is to enable existing buildings to be improved and used for other uses.

A maximum amount of $25,000 can be awarded per grant, with amounts covering no more than 50% of the cost of work. There is no minimum amount. Applications for Renovation Grants are received on a biennial intake, subject to funding. To apply for a renovation grant:

  1. Complete the Renovation Grant Application Form
    For assistance completing the form, call 705-739-4220 x4440. 
  2. Submit completed applications to Service Barrie (1st floor City Hall, 70 Collier Street) by the deadline.

Redevelopment Grant

The Redevelopment Grant supports affordable housing, Brownfield redevelopment, and mixed-use development including commercial uses within the intensification areas identified on Schedule I of the Official Plan.

Redevelopment Grant applications may be submitted with pre-consultation planning applications and site plan control applications. Application consideration will be concurrent with the site plan review and approval process. Depending on the redevelopment project the grant includes:

  • % of planning application fees;
  • % of building permit fees;  
  • % of the development charges;
  • costs of environmental studies for brownfields and some remediation costs my be included;
  • Tax increment payments paid in decreasing increments over a 5 year period.

A redevelopment project may be eligible for a combination of the above grants if it includes affordable rental housing, commercial development in combination with other uses in an intensification area, and brownfield redevelopment.

Redevelopment grants can be applied for throughout the year and will be considered based on available funding. It’s recommended that redevelopment grant applications be submitted when site plan applications for a development or redevelopment project is submitted. The grant applications are considered by a panel of Senior Staff concurrent with the Site Plan application process. To apply for a renovation grant:

  1. Complete the Redevelopment Grant Application Form
    For assistance completing the form, call 705-739-4220 x4440.
  2. Submit completed applications to Service Barrie or the Planning and Building Services Department (1st floor City Hall, 70 Collier Street) when a Site Plan application is submitted.

Georgian College Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Georgian College Neighbourhood Strategy highlights the importance of Georgian College to Barrie, the unique opportunity to encourage safe and accessible student-oriented housing, and promotes increased density to the northeast end of the City. The following grants provide financial incentive for the Georgian College CIP:

  • Tax increment Based Grant
  • Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland Dedication Grant
  • Renovation Loan

To apply for a Georgian College CIP grant:

  1. Complete the Georgian College CIP Application Form
  2. Submit completed application to Service Barrie (1st Floor City Hall, 70 Collier Street) prior to any work being completed or permit applications for work to be completed.

Where there are overlaps in the Georgian College CIP and the Built Boundary CIP’s, Grant applications shall only be considered under one program or the other.

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