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Development Review Process

Under the Ontario Planning Act, the Planning Services department is responsible for reviewing, processing and making recommendations on planning applications submitted to the City.

Application fees are normally charged for each development type to cover administrative and other costs incurred by the municipality during the processing and review.

Public Notice Signs

As part of the complete application process, a Public Notice sign is required for Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendments, Site Plan Approval and Plans of Subdivision to be posted on the subject lands.  The Public Notice sign should have the information and symbols as provided by the Planning and Building Services Department.  The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with the preparation and posting of the Public Notice.  Guiding documents:

Pre-consultation Application

The Planning Act and good planning principles encourage pre-consultation for all types of development applications. To promote open communication of issues and to assist the development community in navigating through the development review process in the most efficient manner, the City offers all applicants the opportunity to submit preliminary development concepts for all types of applications for review and comment. 

A complete Pre-Consultation Application and meeting are required prior to the submission/acceptance of an application for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Site Plan Approval, Draft Plan of Subdivision, or Draft Plan of Condominium.

The pre-consultation service allows applicants to present their development proposal and concept plans and gives staff representing all applicable City departments and outside agencies the opportunity to:

  • clarify the application process and fees;
  • identify key issues and provide preliminary written comments; and
  • identify and confirm the necessary plans, supporting studies and any other information that will be required for a Complete Application at such time as a full application is submitted.

Upon receipt of a complete Pre-Consultation Application, the submission is circulated to internal departments and commenting agencies, as applicable. Within three (3) weeks a review committee meeting is scheduled with the applicant, City and agency Staff to discuss the resulting comments.

Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-Law Amendment Applications

The City has two planning documents that control the use of land within our municipality:

  • the Official Plan, a long-range planning tool that establishes goals and objectives of how our community should grow.
  • the comprehensive Zoning By-law, which establishes permitted uses and performance standards for individual properties throughout Barrie.

Both these documents can be amended through a public process. An applicant must submit a complete Application for Official Plan Amendment / Zoning By-law Amendment with all applicable plans and supplemental information and reports.

Upon receipt and confirmation of a complete application, it is assigned to a File Manager, who is responsible for coordinating a “one-window” approach to its processing and review, and the Notice of Complete / Notice of Public Meeting is prepared. The application review process includes holding a statutory Public Meeting, circulation of the application to applicable City departments and other agencies (ie. Conservation Authority as required). The process concludes with the Planning Department making recommendation to City Council through a Staff Report.

Site Plan Approval

The Site Plan review and approval process is a legislative tool under the Planning Act used to ensure that the urban environment is developed in a convenient, safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Development of a significant portion of land within Barrie is subject to Site Plan Control. Therefore, applicants must consult City staff to determine if the parcel(s) of land to be developed are located within the City’s Site Plan Control Area. In a designated Site Plan Control Area, approval of a Site Plan Application is required prior to development. If the subject lands are not located within a designated site plan control area an owner can proceed to make application for Building Permit subject to confirmation of zoning and any other applicable municipal requirements.

Plans of Subdivisions

The review and approval of a proposed plan of subdivision for draft plan approval is a process which permits the division of a parcel of land into 11 or more lots/blocks in order for them to be sold.  The provision of this process is dictated through Section 51 of The Planning Act.

The City has been given delegated approval authority from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to approve draft plans of subdivision. Subdivision approval ensures that:

  • The land is suitable for its proposed new use.
  • The proposal conforms to the City's Official Plan and Provincial legislation and policies.
  • You, your neighbourhood and your community are protected from development that may be inappropriate or that may place undue strain on community facilities, services or finances.

The application forms related to Approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Council Review of a Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision are submitted to the City Clerk's Office on the first floor, at 70 Collier Street, Barrie, Ontario.

Plan of Subdivision Application is assigned to a Project Manager who is responsible for coordinating a 'one window' approach to the review and approval of the application. The Project Manager serves as the point of contact for submissions and inquiries related to the application.  

The processing of a Draft Plan of Subdivision may take in the order of 6–8 months with a completed application having been submitted. The review of a proposed plan of subdivision involves the scheduling of a public meeting. Following Council's decision on a plan of subdivision, notice is given to those who have requested it within 15 days.  When a notice of a decision is given, a 20-day appeal period follows. Appeals to a decision must be filed with the City Clerk's Office and must include a reason(s) for the appeal and the fee required by the Ontario Municipal Board.  Any appeals received by the City are sent to the Ontario Municipal Board.  Any appeals received by the City are sent to the Ontario Municipal Board for processing.

Application for Approval of Plan of Condominium or Exemption

Application for Council Review of Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision or Plan of Condominium

Subdivision Application Process flow chart

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