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City Centre Revitalization

City Centre renewal focuses on economic development opportunities, culture, arts, entertainment and lifestyle to attract a greater number of residents, tourists, and new business.

A Designated Urban Growth Centre (UGC)

In A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Gr​eater Golden Horseshoe (2020), ​ the Province sets out the targets of 298,0000 people and 150,000 jobs in Barrie by the year 2051. Barrie’s adopted Official Plan, which Council approved in 2022, guides how this growth will occur. A significant amount of this growth is being directed to the downtown, which is also classified by the Province as an Urban Growth Centre (UGC).

YearUGC PopulationUGC Density
86 persons & jobs / hectare
2051 (expected) 18,598
150 persons & jobs / hectare

   Downtown Revitalization: Related Studies & Reports​​

Allandale Transit Mobility Hub & Downtown Hub (Ongoing)

T​his project​ consists of building an inter-regional transit hub within the City of Barrie's Allandale area and a Downtown Mini Hub to host transit services and connections through a more int​​egrated public transit system.

Waterfront Strategic Plan (Ongoing)

The City of Barrie is undertaking an update to its 2015 Waterfront and Marina Strategic Plan (excluding the marina portion of the plan), and wants to hear from local stakeholders and members of the public. More information and how to get involved can be found here.

Wayfinding Strategy (Ongoing)

The City is developing a ​​wayfinding system that will direct visitors and locals using all forms of transportation to the downtown Barrie area and its attractions.

Adopted Official Plan (February 2022)

Barrie's adopted Official Plan sets the land use vision for how the downtown will evolve over the next 30 years.

Market Precinct Task Force (February 2022)

The task force provided recommendations for developing the Barrie Bayside Market Area, which will convert the existing transit terminal on Maple Avenue to a year-round outdoor/indoor market venue that will also be home for Barrie Farmers' Market.

Performing Arts Centre Task Force (January 2022)

The key mandate of the Task​ Force was to develop a plan to construct a modern performing arts facility in the city's core to replace Georgian Theatre and Fisher Auditorium.

City of Barrie Tourism Master Plan (November 2020)

The Tourism Master Plan​ supports a long-term vision for tourism development, as well as short-term initiatives and actions, and Barrie's downtown serves a key role.

Dunlop Streetscape Project (November 2020)

The $16.M Dunlop Streetsc​ape Project​ transformed the downtown by enhancing and revitalizing Barrie's key mainstreet. 

Parking Strategy (March 2020)

The 2020 Parking Strategy includes steps that will move the parking reserve from a deficit to a self-sustaining model by 2030, and will provide more options, new technology and better balance for Barrie residents and visitors. More information can be fou​nd here.

City Centre Illustration   City Centre Illustration   City Centre Illustration   City Centre Illustration

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