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Proposed New Community Improvement Plan

The City of Barrie is proposing a new Community Improvement Plan (CIP) which would offer financial incentives for eligible projects that target key planning and growth management objectives for development within the City including affordable housing projects, brownfield site redevelopment, and mixed use developments within the Urban Growth Centre and key intensification areas. 

Public Meeting

The General Committee of the City of Council of the Corporation of the City of Barrie will hold a Public Meeting on Monday September 23, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 70 Collier Street, to review the municipally-initiated proposed Community Improvement Plan.


The purpose of the CIP is intended to replace the existing Built Boundary and Georgian College Neighbourhood Community Improvement Plans​, and will be in effect for eligible projects identified within the area indicated on the Project Area Boundary Map.

Community Improvement Plans are a tool under the Planning Act used to attract investment and foster redevelopment. The effect of the proposed CIP will be to provide financial incentives designed to achieve emerging community goals and priorities which target key planning and growth management objectives for development within the City.

Broadly the objectives are to support the provision of a variety of affordable housing units by offering different levels of financial support based on a continuum of affordable housing options and to facilitate the development of a mix of land uses within the Urban Growth Centre. More specifically the CIP is intended to increase the number of affordable housing units within the City, create a mix of unit types across the continuum of affordable housing options geared to low and low-moderate income households, intensify the UGC and strategic growth areas by encouraging a mix of land uses and an increase in the number of residential units, and make use of existing municipal services and infrastructure.

Incentive Programs

There are two programs proposed:

  1. Affordable Housing Development Grant Program
  2. Redevelopment Grant Program

Proposed developments will have to satisfy general eligibility requirements and then specific eligibility requirements under either program.

The proposed incentives include things such as a rebate on certain fees and permits (such as planning application fees and building permit fees), affordable residential units per door incentive, and a tax increment based grant on eligible brownfield redevelopments.

The timing of making an application and any grant payouts are described within the CIP text. All grant applications will be considered based on available funding. Council may approve an annual budget for these incentive programs. Approval of grants will be delegated to a City staff committee, the Grants Review Group. City Planning staff will make recommendations to the Grants Review Group. Construction of an approved project must commence within one year of the grant approval, with the issuance of a building permit, to be specified within the agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens at the Public Meeting?

City Planning staff will make a presentation to explain the nature of the proposed new CIP and describe the proposed grants programs. Members of the public are welcome to make oral submissions at that time or provide written comments to the City Clerk ahead of time.

When will these incentives be available?

Subject to City Council’s approval of the proposed new CIP, which includes a repeal of the two existing CIPs, City Council has allocated some initial funding to support these strategic priorities. Annual funding will be considered by Council during budget discussions.

How can I apply for funding?

An online application form will be made available and applications will be received throughout the year. Applicants must meet the general and specific eligibility requirements.

Are there grants for renovations that involve façade improvements like under the current Built Boundary CIP?

The proposed new CIP will replace the two current CIPs and the new grants programs target larger strategic projects to incentivize larger scale projects and redevelopment rather than small renovations.

Where can I find more information?

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the staff member listed above or by visiting the Department of Planning on the ground floor of City Hall (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm)


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