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File # D12-426/D14-1623 (Subdivision/Rezoning)
File # D11-017-2017 (Site Plan)

793 Mapleview Drive East

Applications have been received for Draft Plan of Subdivision, Zoning By-law Amendment, and Site Plan Approval for a proposed development at 793 Mapleview Drive East in Ward 10.

Type of Application Date Application Received Status
Site Plan​
July 11, 2017​​
Registered - This development has recevied all final approvals to proceed to building permit in accordance with the final plans listed below.

About the Applications


A Subdivision/Rezoning application for 793 and 843 Mapleview Drive East, 103 Saint Paul’s Crescent, and 830, 864, and 912 Lockhart Road was deemed complete on March 20, 2017. 

Proposal: 543 single detached residential lots, 360 street townhouses, 66 affordable walk-up apartments, 2 high density residential blocks, 7 partial future lots, 2 village squares, 1 neighbourhood park, 1 elementary school, 1 fire station, open space.

Applications have been approved by Council and the appeal period has closed.

Site Plan, 793 Mapleview Drive East

Proposal: Six residential buildings ranging in height from 4 to 6 storeys totalling 440 units. This application is a block on the plan of subdivision outlined above.

Key Dates

Subdivision/Rezoning Application
793 & 843 Mapleview Drive E, 103 Saint Paul’s Crescent, & 830, 864, & 912 Lockhart Road
Public Consultation: Neighbourhood Meeting April 20, 2017
Public Consultation: Public Meeting June 26, 2017
General Committee Meeting October 30, 2017 (Zoning)
Council Meeting November 6, 2017 (Zoning)
Subdivision Approval with Conditions: December 7, 2017
Appeal Period End December 28, 2017
Registration of Draft Plan
February 14, 2020 (Phase 1)
​LIfting of Holding Provision 
​May 13, 2019​

Plans Submitted with Applications

Additional information can be obtained from staff contact noted above.

 Glossary: Planning Terms

Council Meeting

At a City Council meeting, Councillors make a decision on the application. There is an appeal period, in accordance with the Planning Act, following the Public Notice of the decision. Appeals are made to the City Clerk’s office. Learn more:

General Committee Meeting

General Committee meets to consider a staff report regarding the application that makes recommendations on the matter for Council consideration. Learn more:

Public Meeting

Formal meeting of General Committee where the applicant makes presentation re the proposed development. The public has the opportunity to speak and ask questions. No decisions are made at this meeting. Notice of the Public Meeting is mailed to property owners within 120m from the subject lands boundary & contained in the local newspaper. Signage is posted on the subject lands. Learn more:

Neighbourhood Meeting

Informal meeting hosted by the City at a venue in close proximity to the application location. The applicant presents the proposed development and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions. City staff provide information on application processing and timing. No decisions are made at this meeting. Notice of a Neighbourhood Meeting is mailed to property owners within 240m from the subject lands boundary, e-mailed to ward residents (, & posted on Facebook & Twitter. Signage is posted on the subject lands.

Subdivision Approval

Subdivision approval occurs when a parcel of land is subdivided into various lots and/or blocks, where each lot or block is developed individually. Subdivision approval is delegated to Planning Staff. No Council decision is made on the matter.

Site Plan Control

When a residential medium or high density, industrial, institutional or commercial property is located within a Site Plan Control area, development of the site requires approval from the City of Barrie. Site Plan approval is delegated to the Planning & Building Services Department. Signage is posted on the subject lands to inform the public that an application has been filed. No Public Meeting is held, no approval is required by Council, and the decision cannot be appealed by the general public.


A Rezoning application is required to revise or change the lands use or density of a property as recognized by the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw (

Official Plan Amendment

An Official Plan Amendment is required to revise or change the land use of a property as recognized by the City’s Official Plan.  For example, change the land use from Commercial uses to Residential uses.

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