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Ward 6 Proposed Developments in Ward 6


Proposed Developments in Ward 6

The development applications outlined below are currently moving through the City's Development Review Process.

158, 162, 166, 170 Ardagh Road
27 street townhouses, 19 block/cluster townhouses, and 12 back-to-back townhouses, the extension of Bishop Drive, and a stormwater management pond
​Hedbern Development Corporation
180 and 198 Ardagh Road
Two semi-detached dwellings
​Hedbern Development Corporation
​224 Ardagh Road and part of 250 Ardagh Road
6 storey mixed use building with commercial space and 50 apartments, and 31 townhouses
​2596843 Ontario Inc.,
350, 354 Ardagh Road & 2, 4, 6 & 8 Teck Road
17 Single Detached homes on a Condo Road
1862145 Ontario Inc.
261 Essa Road
3 storey storage and elevator area.
​1823800 Ontario Inc.
368–37​6 Essa Road
A 6-storey, 69 unit residential condominium building with a total of 91 parking spaces (including 55 underground parking spaces).​​​
Sandalwood Developments Inc.
390 Essa Road
6-storey apartment bulding​
​The SOHO James Incorporated
401 Essa Road
45-unit residential block townhouse development.
 Sean Mason (Essa Road) Inc
405 Essa Road
16 residential units in the form of block, stacked and back to back townhouse units
Sean Mason Homes
400–430 Ferndale Drive South
Four-storey residential apartment building with 64 units
Pinemount Developments Inc.
40 Harvie Road
Plan of Subdivision
Bell Media
10 Patterson Road
30-metre-tall steel monopole telecommunications structure
​Rogers Telecommunications Ltd.
46, 50, 52 & 56 Patterson Road
48-unit block cluster townhouse development
Farrage Developments Inc.
339 Veteran's Drive and 341 Veteran's Lane
57-unit residential block/cluster townhouse (33 units) and 4-storey walk-up apartment (24 units) development
​Sean Mason Homes
Block 76 51M-1167 (Ardagh Rd.)
218 back-to-back townhouses and a 90 unit apartment building for a total of 308 residential units.​
​Innovative Planning Solutions

Wright/Ardagh/Summerset / Meadows of Bear Creek
75 single detached lots, a medium density block and blocks for Environmental Protection and the road network, including the extension of Summerset Drive

1934811 Ontario Limited – John Duivenvoorden

Once a development has completed the Development Review Process and received all necessary Planning approvals in accordance with final plans, it is listed under approved developments.

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