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Ward 7 By-Election

All candidates for the 2016 Ward Seven By-election were required to file a Form 4 – Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. 

Financial Statements will be linked on this page as they are filed with the Legislative and Court Services Office, City Hall.

Official Ward 7 By-Election Results
Eligible Voters: 9,180* Voter Turnout: 17.5%**

Candidate Votes Percent
Elena Arruda 38 2.36%
Jane Dewar 196 12.20%
Ram Faerber
Financial Statement
12 0.75%
Bonnie-Lyn Gow 2 0.12%
Gary Harvey
Financial Statement
222 13.81%
Jim Hosick
Financial Statement
122 7.59%
Doug Jure
Financial Statement
108 6.72%
Chris McElroy
Financial Statement
13 0.81%
Mike Montague 109 6.78%
Andrew Prince
Financial Statement
362 22.53%
Craig Ripley 307 19.10%
Darren Roskam
Financial Statement
9 0.56%
Randy H. Starr
Financial Statement 
107 6.66%
* Approximate. This is the number of electors as of 6:45 pm on February 1, 2016. This number may have fluctuated if electors were later added to the Voters' List before the 8 pm close of voting.
** Approximate. Voter turnout figure is impacted by accuracy of the above.

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