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Class Environmental Assessment Study

Dunlop Street Corridor Improvements
Ferndale Drive to Anne Street

The City of Barrie has initiated a Schedule ‘C’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to address the current and future transportation needs for Dunlop Street West, Ferndale Drive to Anne Street.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is undertaking detailed design for Highway 400 improvements at the Dunlop Street interchange, Anne Street crossing and Sunnidale Road crossing. The City has initiated a Schedule ‘C’ Class EA study to coordinate improvements identified in the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) for Dunlop Street with MTO’s detailed design project.


The City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) identified the need to widen Dunlop Street from Ferndale Drive to Anne Street. The TMP completed Phases 1 and 2 of the Class EA process, this study will complete Phases 3 and 4.

Key Considerations 

Improving east-west traffic operations in consideration of future growth to 2041, and integrating improvements with MTO’s detailed design project.  

Status Update, July 2020

Council approved staff recommendations for Alternative Design Concept 1 as the preferred design solution on June 29, 2020. The preferred design solution includes two phases: interim and ultimate. The interim configuration is being proposed to be built as part of the MTO Dunlop Interchange Reconstruction Project.  The ultimate configuration (consisting of median implementation between Sarjeant Drive and Cedar Pointe Drive) will be considered for future implementation pending traffic operations performance (the ultimate configuration is Alternative Design Concept 1).

Council also approved the staff recommendation to adopt Alternative Design Concept 3 for planning purposes and corridor protection. The draft final Environmental Study Report and all related information can be found under the Available Information Section.

Next Steps Required for Completion of This Study

The Notice of Study Completion was published in the Barrie Advance (July 16 and July 23), on this webpage, and on the City's social media channels. The printed Notice of Study Completion places the study on public record for a 30-day review period.  Please refer to the notice for information on expressing outstanding concerns with the project. Once the 30-day review period is concluded and no Part II orders have been received, the City will proceed to project implementation.

Previous Status Update
June 2020

As of June 2020, the study is approaching completion and has identified Alternative Design Concept 1 as the preferred alternative. The preferred design solution includes two phases: interim and ultimate. The interim solution is being proposed to be built as part of the MTO Dunlop Interchange Reconstruction Project.

The study also recommends that Alternative Design Concept 3 be adopted for planning purposes to protect the corridor for future widening. 

The draft final Environmental Study Report and all related information can be found under the Available Information Section – May 2020.

Next Steps Required for Completion of This Study

  1. A letter advising of the preferred design solution (and upcoming submission of staff recommendations of the preferred design solution via a staff report to General Committee) has been sent to agencies, First Nations, members of the public who have wished to be kept informed and property owners that are impacted by City property acquisitions required to implement this project. This letter was distributed electronically and mailed (where applicable) on May 15, 2020. This letter contains information on making a deputation to Council and Filing a Part II Order.
  2. staff report containing the study recommendations will be submitted to General Committee on June 22, 2020, and if approved, to Council on June 29, 2020.
  3. Subject to Council Approval, an advertisement advising of the Notice of Study Completion will be filed in July 2020. This will initiate a 30-day public review period for the Environmental Study Report.
  4. Subject to completion of the 30-day review period; the City can proceed to implementation for this project.

Project Scope

The TMP recommended the following improvements to the Dunlop Street corridor between Ferndale Drive and Anne Street:

  • Widening to a 5-lane cross-section by 2031;
  • Widening to a 7-lane cross-section by 2041;
  • Enhanced pedestrian infrastructure (sidewalks on both sides of the Dunlop Street corridor), and
  • Cycling infrastructure on adjacent non-interchange highway crossings (Anne Street and Tiffin Street).

This study will evaluate alternative design concepts within the study area. The study will consider impacts to the natural, cultural, social and technical environments, gather input from agencies, affected groups and the general public within the study area. The planning and decision-making process will be documented in an Environmental Study Report (ESR), which will be available for a 30-day public review period at the completion of the study. Further notification will be provided in advance of the review period.

Study Level

Schedule ‘C’

MTO Improvements

Information pertaining to MTO improvements (and contact information) can be found at

Public Input

Public consultation is a fundamental component of the study. Consultation has been ongoing throughout the project.

Public Information Centre No. 2:
Public Information Centre (PIC) No. 2 was held on November 6, 2019 in Huronia Room A/B on the 2nd Floor at City Hall (70 Collier Street).  The purpose of PIC No. 2 was to present updated study information including alternative design concepts and the technically preferred alternative.  Detailed drawings were available for the alternative design concepts that included specific property impacts and access management recommendations.

Public Information Centre No. 1:

PIC No. 1 was held on June 19, 2019 at City Hall.  The purpose of PIC No. 1 was to present the study purpose, scope and provide an early opportunity to engage with the project team.  All property owners and tenants within the study area received a notification letter. 

Available Information

Draft Final Environmental Study Report

November 2019

May 2019

 June 2019



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