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CLASS EA Phases 3 & 4

Salem Secondary Plan Area Transportation Improvements

This Class EA addresses transportation improvements for the Salem Secondary Plan Area to determine the most appropriate design for future reconstruction projects, as recommended in the City’s Multi-Modal Active Transportation Master Plan.

Status: Study initiated in 2015. The Notice of Completion is posted for the 30-day public review period commencing October 12, 2017.

Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd

Study Level: Municipal Class EA Schedule C

Purpose: To consider design alternatives and establish the preferred recommended design alternative for transportation improvements in the Salem Secondary Plan Area.

Scope: The City will look at a number of design alternatives associated with implementing transportation improvements. The impact of transportation improvements on physical, natural, social, cultural and economic environments will also be looked at during the study.

Key Considerations: Impacts on property, driveway and trees within the study area.

Public Information Centre (PIC) No. 1 :  Public Information Centre (PIC) took place Thursday, September 22, 2016, at the Liberty North Banquet Hall from 4–7pm. The public was invited to review and provide comments on the proposed design alternative solutions. Comments and responses received* will be considered in the development of the preferred design alternative solution. Related Documents: PIC General Overview, Salem PIC Presentation

Design Alternatives:

Key Plan

Essa Road 

Huronia Road

Lockhart Road

McKay Road - Veterans to Essa

McKay Road - Hwy. 400 to Huronia

Salem Road

Veterans Drive

Public Information Centre (PIC) No. 2:  A Public Information Centre (PIC) took place on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at the Liberty North Banquet Hall, 100 Caplan Avenue, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to present the preferred design alternative solutions derived from the evaluation of the alternative designs and public input. Related DocumentsPIC 2 Presentation

Preferred Preliminary Designs:

Key Plan

Essa Road

Huronia Road

Lockhart Road

McKay Road East - Veterans to Essa

McKay Road West - Highway 400 to Huronia

Salem Road

Veterans Drive 


Salem Transportation_Barrie_ESR 

Appendix A_Phases 1 and 2 Information

Appendix B-1_Study Notifications

Appendix B-2_Public Information Centres_Part_1

Appendix B-2_Public Information Centres_Part_2

Appendix B-2_Public Information Centres_Part_3

Appendix B-2_Public Information Centres_Part_4

Appendix B-3_Public Correspondence_Part_1

Appendix B-3_Public Correspondence_Part_2

Appendix B-3_Public Correspondence_Part_3

Appendix B-3_Public Correspondence_Part_4

Appendix B-4_Agency Correspondence

Appendix B-5_Stakeholder Meeting Minutes

Appendix B-6_Indigenous Consultation

Appendix C_Traffic Operations Report

Appendix D_Stormwater Management Report

Appendix D_Drawing 1_0 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 1_1 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 1_2 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 1_3 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 1_4 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 2_0 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 2_1 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 2_2 App A

Appendix D_Drawing 2_3_App A

Appendix D_Drawing 2_4_App A

Appendix E_Preliminary Foundation Investigation

Appendix F_Natural Heritage Report

Appendix G_Cultural Heritage Assessment_Part_1

Appendix G_Cultural Heritage Assessment_Part_2

Appendix H_Stage 1-2 Archaeological Assessment

Appendix I_Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix J_Rail Crossing_Safety Study_Part_1

Appendix J_Rail Crossing_Safety Study_Part_2

Appendix J_Rail Crossing_Safety Study_Part_3

Appendix K_Conceptual Servicing Design Report

Appendix_ L Key-Plan.pdf

 Appendix_L Essa Rd

Appendix_ L Huronia Rd

Appendix_ L Lockhart Rd

Appendix_ L McKay Rd - Veterans to Essa

Appendix_ L McKay Rd -Hwy 400 to Huronia

Appendix_ L Salem Rd

Appendix_ L Veterans Dr

Appendix M_Design Criteria

Appendix N Cover Page

Appendix N_Typical Sections

Appendix N_Driveway Profiles

Appendix N_Essa Road Preferred Design_Plan and Profile

Appendix N_Huronia Road Preferred Design_Plan and Profile

Appendix N_Lockhart Road Preferred Design_Plan and Profile

Appendix N _McKay Road East Preferred Design_Plan and Profiles

Appendix N_McKay Road West Preferred Design_Plan and Profile

Appendix N_Salem Road Preferred Design_Plan and Profile

Appendix N_Veterans Drive Preferred Design_Plan and Profile

Appendix O_Cost Estimate



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