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Copyrighted Building Plans & Property Surveys

The City of Barrie receives many requests from the public for copies of building plans, property surveys, structural/engineering/architectural drawings.  In most cases the requesters are the current property owners that wish to complete renovations and therefore need to know the original structure of the building.  In some cases a representative such as Real Estate Agent, construction manager, etc. may also request access to the plans for their client(s).  It should be noted that these documents are copyrighted.

There are several ways to obtain a copy of these types of documents.  An individual can;

  • visit the Land Registry Office as the document may be registered on title; or
  • contact the original creator of the document (architect) directly; or
  • contact the original builder directly; or
  • contact the previous owner; or
  • have the City of Barrie conduct a search for the record(s).

It is currently the City of Barrie’s policy that access to these types of records (viewing or coping) shall only be given to the registered owner of the property or if the requester has a written permission letter from the registered owner of the property.

Requests for building drawings can be made at the Building Services Department where a Request for Drawing Documents form shall be filled out.  Requesters should be aware that there are costs attached to this service as per the City of Barrie Fees By-law and that all terms and conditions of the Copyright Act apply to the use of the record(s).

Copyrighted documents may not be reproduced for profit nor may any person/organization present them as their own work.  Notice of the copyright holder must be indicated on the records.

City Owned Buildings

Permission for access building plans for City owned buildings shall be determined by the Real Estate Services Section/Facilities Management area.

Due to security concerns, it is the City of Barrie’s policy that access to building drawings of City owned buildings shall not be given unless it is necessary for construction, renovations, etc. purposes.

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