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Municipal Heritage Register

A Municipal Heritage Register​ is a publically accessible list of properties that includes Designated Buildings and Buildings of Heritage Interest. It can be used to determine areas of heritage interest within a municipality. 

​Experience Barrie's Municipal Heritage Register by utilizing our new interactive Story Map​.

​The Municipal Register​

The register is regularly reviewed and updated and serves the following purposes:

  • Recognize properties of cultural heritage value in a community.
  • Foster civic identity and pride by drawing attention to the heritage and development of a community.
  • Promote knowledge and enhances an understanding of a community’s cultural heritage.
  • Provide easily accessible information about cultural heritage value for land-use planners, property owners, developers, the tourism industry, educators and the general public.
  • Be used as a central element of a municipal cultural plan that begins with mapping local cultural resources and then leverages these resources for economic development and community building.


The Municipal Heritage Register is an official list of cultural heritage properties for the municipality. The Municipal Heritage Register identifies properties that are (or may be) important to the community for architectural, historical or contextual reasons. The Municipal Heritage Register is divided into two main types of properties, they are:

  • Designated cultural heritage properties are those which have been evaluated for and found to have cultural heritage value or interest, as defined in the Regulations to the Ontario Heritage Act. These designated properties are recognized through a municipal By-Law that is passed by City Council and registered on title. 
  • Listed cultural heritage properties are those which have potential cultural heritage value or interest but have yet to be formally evaluated as per the process prescribed in the Ontario Heritage Act. Listed properties are labelled as such as they are ‘listed’ in the City’s Municipal Heritage Register. The Register identifies all municipally-recognized cultural heritage resources. 

Steps for Applicants

1. Consult the City’s Municipal Heritage Register to determine if your property is on the list. The Municipal Heritage Register is available online or in hard copy in the Planning Services Department on the first floor of City Hall.
2. Complete the application form with specific details to support your request. Submit the completed form with supplementary materials to:

Tomasz Wierzba, Planner
Planning Services Department
City of Barrie
Barrie City Hall, 70 Collier Street
P.O. Box 400, Barrie ON
L4M 4T5
705-739-4220 Ext: 4403

3. City staff will review the application, confirm it is complete, and acknowledge receipt of the application in writing. If the application is not complete the applicant will be asked to submit any outstanding materials before the application is processed.
4. If complete, the property will be added on the next available Heritage Barrie Committee meeting Agenda. The applicant will be notified of the meeting time and date and is encouraged to attend.
5. The Heritage Barrie Committee will make a decision whether to add the property onto the Municipal Heritage Register through a recommendation to the City Building Committee.
6. If approved by the City Building Committee the recommendation to add a property onto the Municipal Heritage Register will proceed to City Council for approval. City Council makes the final decision regarding an application to add (or remove) properties from Municipal Heritage Register.

Review Process

Individual property owners or their agent may apply to have their properties added or removed from the Municipal Heritage Register. Once received, City staff will date and acknowledge receipt of an application. Planning staff will then review your application to check for completeness. Application forms must be signed by the property owner. Alternatively, property owner may authorize an agent to apply on their behalf. The completed application will be entered into the agenda for the next available Heritage Barrie Committee meeting. Applicants or their agent(s) will be notified of the date of the Committee meeting at which their application will be considered. Applicants are welcome to attend Committee meetings as they are open to the public. The Committee will review the application and supporting material to determine if adding the property to the Municipal Heritage Register can be recommended to Council through the City Building Committee. Council makes the final decision whether the property is to be added to the Municipal Heritage Register.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will adding my property to the Municipal Heritage Register affect me?
Being Placed on the Municipal Heritage Register means your property is of value to the community as it may meet one or more of the criteria in the categories of:
  • Design or Physical Value;
  • Historical or Associative Value, or
  • Contextual Value
  • Demolitions permits are subject to a 60 day waiting/review period.
  • No impact on your municipal taxes.
  • May be eligible for Community Improvement Plan funding or grants.
Can I make changes to my property if it is listed on Municipal Heritage Register?

Yes. You may paint, renovate, restore improve or add to your property as normal. Property owners are encouraged to renovate, maintain, and restore their heritage property to preserve its value to the community.

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