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Poet Laureate

At the 2018 Barrie Arts Awards, the Creative Economy Department crowned the City's third Poet Laureate, Victoria Butler.

The Poet Laureate is a prestigious designation that is selected by a jury and awarded to a candidate that has published works, presented their works at public events or forums, and has been acknowledged for their literary creations by the local community. The Poet Laureate, or “the people’s poet”, acts as a champion for poetry, language, and the arts by raising its profile through public engagements and civic interactions. The Poet Laureate acts as a literary ambassador and works to educate and promote poetry and the literary arts in our city and serves for a four year term running concurrent to Council’s. 

About Victoria Butler

Victoria Butler 2021.jpg

Photo by Natasha Bangay

Victoria Butler is a vibrant force who has made a measurable impact over the last few years by creating The Northern Appeal, Simcoe County’s only publication featuring local creatives. The Northern Appeal gives the opportunity for creatives to showcase their work, be it photography, written word or sketching and other forms of visual art. Her contributions to the community are as various as her skills; from sitting on the Barrie Arts Committee and inspiring young creatives, to participating in local politics and raising awareness on social issues, Victoria has demonstrated a sincere compassion for Barrie. The City of Barrie honoured to work with Victoria over the next four years as we celebrate language, poetry and the importance of the written word. You can find her work at



  • Published her first book, Little Miracles through Black Moss Press in September 2021
  • Founder and Editor in Chief, The Northern Appeal
  • Selected and studied under Albert Moritz
  • Featured reader at Facilitate in Toronto

 Published Works

  • Acta Victoriana
  • The Veg
  • Untethered Magazine
  • Vagabond City Lit
  • Heart of Barrie
  • The Humming Magazine

by Victoria Butler

The way my mother tells me

someone has died

is soft.

She holds out her hand

as if I could read her future upside down

and whispers

they have passed

as if we were just seeing them

for a brief moment on the

way to school this morning

and we will see them again

on the way home.

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