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Art in Unexpected Places

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Canada’s past and present were celebrated throughout the summer with Art in Unexpected Places — temporary public art installations in downtown Barrie. The Barrie Public Art Committee helped Illuminate Barrie during Canada’s 150th year by profiling Canadian contemporary artists.

Barrie transformed into a celebration of Canada throughout summer 2017 with video projection, interactive sculpture and multi-media works by nationally recognized Canadian artists.

Downtown Barrie offered new perspective on some favourite familiar locations. This exhibition turned the traditional concept of public art as being statues and murals on its head by bringing whimsy and wonder downtown.

Soapbox Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg

Soapbox by Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg speaks to Canada’s past, present and future as a place that welcomes free and democratic expression. By placing this historic object in a contemporary context, we celebrated communication and its evolution. Soapbox is a functional piece ripe with public engagement, where passersby were encouraged get on their soapbox and share what makes them most proud of Canada!
Dates: June 30 – September 4, 2017
Location: Downtown Transit Terminal, 24 Maple Avenue

Limelight: Saturday Night by Sans façon

Limelight by Sans façon creates a community gathering place to celebrate Canada. Activating an otherwise benign space, Barrie residents and visitors are encouraged to perform, play and connect in the spotlight. Limelight is designed to be a pop-up spontaneous exhibit, on view only during Labour Day weekend. Limelight exhibited in downtown Barrie from September 1–4, 2017.

thumb: Blue Shore by Nicolas Sassoon

Blue Shore by Nicolas Sassoon is an animated video proposed for projection at a landmark location in downtown Barrie. This location will see major changes over the coming years, with its purpose shifting greatly. The undulating waves of the installation reflect the theme of Illuminate Barrie, the innovation of design and the proposed location adjacent to Kempenfelt Bay, which is central to Barrie’s identity. This piece was presented by Tyger Shark
Dates: June 30 – September 4, 2017
Location: Tyger Shark overlooking Memorial Square

Quadriga by Max Streicher

Quadriga (variant) by Max Streicher was selected for its resonance with Barrie’s recent recognition as “Canada’s fastest growing city.”By definition, a Quadriga is a chariot drawn by four horses abreast. This ancient, powerful image aligns with Barrie’s current status as a force to be reckoned with for talent attraction, business development and the benefits that accompany these assets.
Dates: August 18 – September 4, 2017
Location: Centre for the Performing Arts

Rabbit by Ryan Park

Rabbit by Ryan Park is a charming and whimsical piece that speaks to the theme of our local Canada 150 celebration, Illuminate Barrie. The shadow puppet appeals to children and adults alike, projected in a 20-minute loop. Children enjoy the spectacle and adults appreciate the durational challenge of holding this pose for a length of time.
Date: June 30 – September 4, 2017
Location: 9 Clapperton Street, just north of Dunlop Street

About the Barrie Public Art Committee

The Barrie Public Art Committee’s (BPAC) goal is to enhance Barrie with art, and encourage residents and visitors alike to visit public spaces. Made of volunteers from the art and design industry, and interested community members, the BPAC secures art by facilitating donations, commissioning new works and organizing temporary installations. Learn more.

Art in Unexpected Places was Generously Supported by


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