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Conversation at Dodona

Visit the alcove between the first and second floors of City Hall to view the newest piece in the City of Barrie's public art collection, generously provided on loan by artist Ted Fullerton.

Artist Statement: Conversation at Dodona

My interest in this sculpture, Conversation at Dodona is to evoke a “mythical” experience in its symbolic nature and association to allegory (a narrative associated to myth) and archetype. The conceptual premise and image is based on the myth and place called Dodona. Essentially although the story varies slightly, it is a place where you can sit underneath a great tree and when you listen to the rustling leaves you can commune with the “mystical” and nature. It is a place where “home” is founded on connection and promise and alludes to “being” and “becoming” a pillar between earth and sky, the Axis Mundi and the Anima Mundi – Ted Fullerton

About the Artist

Ted Fullerton's body of work possesses undercurrents of human emotion and mystery. Many of his explorations have dealt with themes and myths revealing his concern with spiritual and magical worlds. For Fullerton "mythic symbols are entry points to the unconscious." Through these devices he investigates the duality of human nature, the tension between the rational and the illogical, the physical and the spiritual, the intellectual and the intuitive. Whether he is working in oil, printmaking, sculpture or mixed media drawing, in intimate or monumental scale, Fullerton's creative process is spontaneous and gestural with sensuous and bold texture, line and movement.


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