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Building Inspections

Building projects are subject to mandatory inspections at specific stages of construction or demolition to confirm building standards are met.

Request a Building Inspection

To request an inspection, contact Building Services:

Requests received before 3pm of a business day will be scheduled for the next day.

Mandatory Inspections

Mandatory inspections are required at certain stages of construction or demolition. Depending on the nature of the project, inspections may be needed several times during progress. The inspector will offer advice, record observations and provide a report of the inspection on-site. To verify your inspection requirements, see the Required Notification Inspection Form or contact Building Services at (705) 739-4231 or

On-site Inspection Requirements

The permit holder must prepare for on-site inspection by:

  • Ensuring all work remains exposed until inspected and approved
  • Providing building plans and drawings for the inspector
  • Providing suitable and safe on-site access for an efficient inspection (stairs and ramps with handrails, no ladders)

Depending on the inspection requested, the permit holder may need to provide instruments to perform a test. The owner and/or builder is responsible for conducting tests and taking measurements.

When can I move in?

New buildings and additions are required to be inspected prior to occupancy. This verifies that all items related to occupant and building safety are completed to the minimum requirements.

Non-Building Related Inspections

Depending on the project, other inspections may need to be satisfied through other City departments including:

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